White stork facts


1. The scientific name is Ciconiidae.

2. Different species of storks live in the whole world, except Antarctica.

3. The stork is a bird of the order stork.

Author: AC

4. Storks are characterized by their neck, legs and long beak.

5. It is difficult to distinguish a female from a male.

Author: Marta

6. Some storks clatter, most do not give a voice.

7. Earlier, egrets and ibises were included in the storks.

8. The stork catching the prey is able to close the beak in 25 milliseconds. This is one of the fastest reactions among vertebrates.

Author: Nella

9. Marabou stork has a wingspan of over 3 meters.

Author: Nella

10. In the old days, the saying was popular when you saw the flying stork in spring: “Stork, stork, long nose, bring the child I give you a penny.”

Author: Marcela

11. The stork can build a large nest whose diameter can be up to 2 meters. It is a house for many years.

12. These birds cover thousands of kilometers each year to spend 2 months in warm conditions and come back.

13. The longest routes to warm countries are over 10,000 km.

14. The signal to the departure are the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. As soon as the day gets shorter and the sun gets less and less, it’s time to get ready to escape into the warm atmosphere.

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White stork questions

Where did the saying that a stork bring children come from?

In ancient times, children were usually born in spring, just as storks returned from warm countries.

Answer: Marta

Does the stork have a tail?

So the stork has a short tail.

Answer: Marta

How old is a stork living?

Storks live about 20 years.

Answer: Marta

What is the stork?

Storks feed on frogs, fish, insects, small mammals and birds.

Answer: Marta

Where does the stork fly for the winter?

Storks are flying to Africa, those from Western Europe fly through Gibraltar, and from the east through the Bosphorus. Some even fly to South Africa.

Answer: Marta

Where are the storks?

Storks are found all over the world except Antarctica. The most species inhabit Africa and Asia.

Answer: Marta

How much does a stork weigh?

The weight of the heaviest stork comes to 9 kg, and the lightest one barely exceeds 1.3 kg.

Answer: Marta

What size is a stork?

The largest stork is 152 cm tall, and the smallest 75 cm.

Answer: Marta

Why do storks fly to warm countries?

They are guided by instinct encoded in genes. Most likely, it is associated with distant times when storks had to flee to the south before glaciation. When the glacier faded, the birds returned.

Answer: Marta

How do young storks that cannot fly yet receive drinking?

Parents bring water in the goiter (dilatation of the esophagus) and “inject” it into the open mouths of small storks.

Answer: Kasia

Does the stork have a nose?

There are nostrils on the bow. Their location and shape depends on the species of stork.

Answer: Marzenka