The badger is a predatory mammal belonging to the mustel family.

The badger is also called Jaźwiec.

The scientific name is Meles.

Badger interesting facts

1. There are 8 species of badgers.

2. They spend most of their lives underground in burrows they have dug.

3. They have a very good sense of smell. They can sense another animal even through a thick layer of earth.

4. The badger has 5 fingers at the end of which there are powerful, sharp claws. This makes them excellent diggers.

5. Thick hair in the nostrils and ears, and the third eyelid protects it from sand while digging.

6. Badgers have large, sharp canines.

7. The badger was first described in 1762 by a Frenchman – Mathurin Jacques Brisson.

8. During one pregnancy, 2-5 young are born.

9. The young weighs about 170 grams and is 15 cm long.

10. The young badger is born blind. She opens her eyes for the first time after about 3 weeks.

11. It reaches maturity with roach after 1 year of age.

12. The main enemies are foxes, wolves, coyotes, eagles.

13. European badgers are the least aggressive. They mainly eat earthworms.

14. When the weather is unfavorable, mainly during winter, they hide deep in burrows and can fall asleep for up to 3 weeks.

15. In the fall, a badger can gain weight up to 20 kg. Thanks to the deposited adipose tissue, it can survive the winter.

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How much does a badger live?

Badger lives 9-12 years.

Answer: Marta

How much does a badger weigh?

The weight of an adult badger can reach up to 12 kg.

Answer: Marta

What do badgers eat?

Borsuki mainly eat earthworms. They can also hunt small mammals like mice, squirrels and even rabbits.

Answer: Marta

Where are the badgers?

Badgers are found mainly in Europe and Asia, as well as North America and Africa.

Answer: Marta

What size is a badger?

The length of an adult badger can reach 70 cm.

Answer: Marta

How long does a badger pregnancy last?

The badger’s pregnancy lasts about 7 months.

Answer: Marta

How fast are the badgers?

Borsuk can accelerate up to 30 km / h.

Answer: Marta

How can such an inconspicuous badger hunt a little rabbit for example?

Thanks to a very good sense of smell, he can locate his victim in a burrow under the ground. He attacks her quickly, digging into it from above. A surprised animal can not escape.

Answer: Marta

How does a badger react when attacking a larger animal?

He presents his sharp fangs and slowly withdraws. Then in a few seconds he digs deep into the ground.

Answer: Marta

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