Any industrial equipment has defined functions that control their effectiveness, guaranteeing that they operate with maximum productivity. In fact, these are electrical control panels that perform control functions within manufacturing equipment. How do they work and why exactly do you need them?

The Magic Behind Control Panel Cabinets

In plain words, electrical control panels combine electrical devices using electrical power to preserve control over the mechanical functions of industrial machinery. Oftentimes, they include panel structures, composed of enclosures (metal stainless-steel-boxes highly resistant to various conditions) and back panels (metal sheets places providing structural support) and electrical elements, such as main circuit breakers, surge arresters, or transformers, among many others that organize and define various functions carried by the electrical control cabinets.

Electrical control panels are necessary for excellent industrial automation and mechanization. Providing high-quality monitoring and control over different functions of production machinery, the PLC cabinets are a perfect solution for any manufacturer looking to identify, organize, and fulfill production targets.

Designing Your Own PLC Cabinet

The system of your electrical control panel determines the design of a custom electrical control panel at the end of the day. Designs range from simple electrical relay systems or more complicated PLC systems with single or multiple PLC networks. If you need to develop the functioning of different production operations, enhance the cohesiveness of control over your systems, or improve HMI, a customized electrical control panel is just for you.

The specific design may also facilitate the maintenance of electrical control panels. By applying clearly labeled elements, wiring, and terminals, you can easily help yourself in managing your PLC cabinets. Including components allowing for monitoring the status of electrical connections, controlling dust within the enclosures, or implementing pest control measures.

The Need for Control Cabinets

By investing in the electric control cabinets, you are able to significantly enhance the stability, expansibility, and anti-interference ability of your industrial equipment. What is more, investment in PLC cabinets is a step towards reduction in the safety risks of maintenance and operating personnel. Every control cabinet brings you closer to operations and maintenance of higher quality. They serve numerous industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, or manufacturing.

Interested in investing in the electrical control cabinets? B&P Engineering team waits for you with a broad range of custom-made high-tech industrial control systems of the quality that revolutionizes the industry.