Category: Anatomy

Muscle facts

The tongue does not really consist of one muscle, only 8. Of all the muscles a person has, only the heart never gets tired. Muscle tissue is about 15% denser than body fat.

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Larynx facts

In 1998, the first laryngeal transplant took place at the Cleveland clinic. Man speaks at a frequency of 65 to 260 Hz. Whispering strains our strings more than normal, quiet speech.

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Spine facts

We have 33 circles after birth. In adults, 9 of them grow into the sacrum and the tumor. A giraffe has the same number of cervical vertebrae as a human.

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Bone facts

An adult has 206 bones. The hardest human bone is the femur. The most common broken bone in adults is the humerus bone, and in children the collarbone.

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Brain facts

The human cortex contains from 15 to even 33 billion neurons. About 85% of the brain consists of water. During pregnancy, the woman’s brain decreases.

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Tongue facts

Tigers have a tongue as rough as sandpaper. The giraffe’s tongue is meters long. Everyone has a different imprint of the tongue. The tongue of the blue whale can weigh as much as 3 tons.

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