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1. Contemporary races were created as a result of artificial selection.

2. Many species of dogs have been created since they were domesticated.

3. The dog is a domesticated form of a gray wolf, a predatory mammal from the canine family.

Author: AC

4. The most important sense of the dog is smell.

5. A dog can be trained, for example, to search for drugs.

6. The dog’s gaze is weaker than human

7. The sense of hearing in the hierarchy of the dog is behind the nose and in front of the eyes.

8. Touch sensations the dog receives the entire surface of the body.

Author: Paulina

9. Flavor impressions depend on olfactory impressions.

10. Dog age is determined by the condition of the teeth and the amount of gray hair on the head.

11. In dogs aged about 7 years there are visible clashes on the teeth and incisors, in the 10-12 years of age tooth loss occurs.

Author: Paulina

12. The oldest remains of a domestic dog in Poland is a skull discovered in the vicinity of Sandomierz, dated around 4,000 years BC.

13. The beginnings of dog domestication are estimated at approx. 17,000. years ago.

14. In some rural areas in Poland, there are cases of smelting dogs with lard, before being killed, the animal is covered with a stick. Dog fat is good for skin or lung diseases.

15. According to a team of experts at the University Hospital in Kuopio, he said that children brought up in homes with dogs are healthier.

16. There are known cases of use of dog saliva formerly by folk medicine in Poland, which would treat boils and dog droppings mixed with vodka as a jaundice drug

17. A philatelic dog appeared next to the first postage stamp in England in 1840.

18. The dog is a zodiacal sign in the Chinese calendar.

Author: Azorek

19. Although the dogs were domesticated around 33,000 years ago, they have still retained their original instincts – they howl to the moon and gather in flocks

Author: Azorek

20. The dog can be identified by the nose.

21. Research has shown that dogs can read emotion easily on the face of their owner.

22. Moisture of the nose is of great importance to the dog. It is thanks to humidity that he can determine where the smell comes from. The longer the nose the dog has, the more effective its cooling system is.

23. The dog’s normal body temperature is 38 degrees.

Author: Marta

24. The herd’s instinct is so strong in the dog that he considers his owner a leader.

25. A million American dogs have been the heirs of their deceased owners.

26. Dogs with a longer mouth live longer than, for example, pugs and bulldogs.

27. The dog can make 10 different sounds.

28. Dogs sweat only on their paws.

Author: Zawoda

29. Dogs feel guilty, only they can feel bad because of the anger of their owner.

30. Stray dogs in Russia have learned to ride the metro to places where they find more food.

31. Dogs have three pairs of eyelids – the upper and lower eyelids and a special moisturizing membrane that protects the eye.

Author: Grecjana

32. The dog’s brain secretes large amounts of oxytocin when it looks at its owner. It is a relationship that stimulates trust, submission, jealousy, cooperation.

Author: Lipton

33. Dogs are used in warfare. In 2010, the British parachute army dumped dogs with attached cameras in Afghanistan to search for potential Taliban hiding places.

Author: DoBoju

34. During World War I, special gas masks for dogs were made.

35. Some of the dogs in the army have a titanium canine that can even break through kevlar. The price of such a tooth is up to $ 2,000.

36. In the United States, military ranks are suitable for dogs serving in the army.

37. During World War II, dogs with attached harnesses filled with explosives ran into enemy tanks, igniting the fuse and causing an explosion.

Author: DoBoju

38. 82% of human DNA is consistent with dog’s DNA.

39. The Caucasian Shepherds are trained to hunt bears.

40. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world. It was sold for 12 million yuan, about 2 million dollars.

41. Soviet Dzulbars dog, during World War II, detected about 7 500 min and 150 duds. During the Victory Parade in 1945, Stalin ordered to put his coat in and carry it across Red Square to his hands.

42. During the war, dogs acted as a liaison, transferring reports and orders, and ammunition.

43. In South Korea, cloning a dog costs 100,000 dollars.

44. Dogs are more intelligent than cats.

Author: Adi

45. The fastest dog – English greyhound chart can speed up to 72 km / h.

46. The Greeks invented a collar with spikes to protect dogs from attacks by wolves.

47. The Canary Islands took its name from the Latin name Canariae Insulae, which means Psia Wyspa.

48. The oldest “cave canem” (beware of a dog) comes from Pompeii from the first century.

Author: Tomek

49. A dog named Frankie can detect pancreatic cancer with the help of his sense of smell.

Author: Tomek

50. Before the World Cup in England in 1966, the World Cup was stolen. They were found by a dog named Pickles. Wrapped in a newspaper and hidden in the bushes at Belulah Hill in London. After winning the championship through England, the dog became a national hero.

Author: Damian

51. The dog can not distinguish between green and red.

52. The ugly smells the dog feels through the left nostril, and the nice smells through the right nostril.

53. In Sułkowice, in the police dog training unit, there is a stuffed dog Szarik, playing in “Czterej pancerni i pies”.

54. In Great Britain in 1937, dog races were organized, which raced with cheetahs.

55. In Istanbul, a machine for plastic bottles was put up, for which food and water for homeless dogs are poured into special containers.

56. In the 18th century, a person who had no money could enter the London zoo by giving a dog to devour the lions.

57. The longest sleeping dogs are pugs, which spend an average of 14 hours a day on it.

Author: Nadia

58. The mayor of the town of Cormorant in the United States is a dog named Duke.

59. In the United States, there have been several cases in recent years, when the dog inflicted a gunshot wound on his owner.

60. In 1924 in the United States there was a “trial” in which a dog luring to Pip was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the governor’s cat.

61. The Greyfriars Bobby dog, after the owner’s death, kept watch at his grave for 14 years. A monument was erected and its history was presented in books and films.

Author: InI

62. Oils on dog fur under the influence of UV radiation turn into vitamin D3. That’s why dogs like to lie in the sun.

63. In Japan, the barking of a dog is recorded as “kian-kian” and in China “wang-wang”.

Author: X

64. There is a breed of dog – a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

65. To determine which side the sound comes from, the dog needs one six hundredth of a second.

Author: X

66. Since 2007, the Dog Day has been celebrated on 1 July.

67. The dog can sense the drop in the sugar level in the human breath. Helpful for people suffering from diabetes.

68. In 1995, in the Czech Domazlice, the dog squeezed the parcel in which the bomb was located, flooding the fuse. He saved the lives of his household.

69. Of the 12 dogs that were on Titaniku during the crash, 3 survived.

70. Dog drinking water takes on the underside of the tongue.

Author: Newady

71. Józef Piłsudski’s dog lured himself to “Pies”.

72. After the attack on the World Trade Center, two guide dogs brought their blind men safely from the 70th floor of the building.

73. The dog Chinese crested dog named Sam in the years 2003 – 2005 was chosen the ugliest dog in the world.

74. Wild dingo dogs can not bark.

Author: Masti42

75. In Kashub, “tusk” means a dog.

Author: Zgryf

76. The dog can remember up to 250 words and gestures. The level of intelligence can be compared to a 2-year-old child.

Author: Ornelia


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How much does a dog live?

Dogs live on average 13-14 years.

Answer: Paulina

How much does a dog weigh?

Dogs have different weight due to race.

Answer: Paulina

What age did the oldest dog reach?

The oldest dog was Bluey lived 29 years 5 months and 7 days.

Answer: Paulina

Why is the dog afraid of the storm?

The storm generates a specific sound frequency that the dog’s ear catches and the reception of which can be painful for the animal.

Answer: Paulina

How long does the dog last?

The dog’s pregnancy lasts 58-68 days.

Answer: Paulina

What can not a dog eat?

The dog can not be chocolate because it contains a theobromine toxic to them that can cause severe poisoning

Answer: Paulina

What is the biggest dog?

The largest dog in the world was Zeus measured 111.8 cm at the withers, when stood on hind legs it reached 2.26 m high

Answer: Paulina

What is the smallest dog?

Toudi from Wrocław is 6 centimeters tall and weighs 300 grams.

Answer: Paulina

Why can not you snag your mustaches?

Dogs must not be allowed to smash their whiskers, because dogs let them know the world better through touch. In the dark they allow the dog to avoid objects, as well as to determine their shape and texture.

Answer: Paulina

Why is the dog often looking in the eye of the owner when dealing with the need?

Because then he feels vulnerable and counts on the fact that the owner will warn him of the danger.

Answer: Mati

Why is the dog looking at someone often tilts his head?

Ponieważ stara się “odczytać” wyraz twarzy osoby, żeby odpowiednio zareagować.

Answer: Mati

Why do dogs turn around in circles before going to sleep?

Odziedziczyły to w genach od swoich przodków, którzy w ten sposób udeptywały trawę i odganiały robactwo.

Answer: Mati

Can a dog think and analyze situations?

we’re waiting for a response…

Answer: R.F.G.