<h2 style="text-align: center; color: white; font-size: 32px;">Polar bear facts</h2>


1. An adult male can reach a weight of up to 700kg and a length of up to 3m. The female is usually twice smaller and weighs up to 300kg, measuring up to 2.1 m in length.

2. It’s a carnivorous mammal. Thanks to the unusual smell, it can sense seals under the ice, and the corpse can smell even from a distance of 30km. He lives in the Arctic areas.

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3. The polar bear’s coat is transparent so that it camouflages in the surroundings.

4. The polar bear has black skin.

5. The biggest bear was a male weighing 1002 kg (Alaska 1960)

6. The polar bear population is estimated at 25,000 individuals.

7. Polar bears are able to withstand up to 2 minutes under water.

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8. The longest-lived polar bear in captivity was female Debby – she lived 42 years, living in the Zoological Garden in Winnipeg.

9. Annually, in search of food, the polar bear travels about 15,000 kilometers.

10. Pregnancy bear grasses 195-165 days. Usually two children come to the world.

11. Newborn polar bears weigh 450 to 900 g.

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12. Captain Jack Bonavita, the famous one-armed handler of wild animals, who simultaneously performed with 27 lions, during one of the shows in 1917 he died after the attack of a polar bear.

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13. In the infrared, bears are almost undetectable due to the fact that the layer of fat and fur retains heat. You can only see the face and breath.

14. A polar bear can sense food from a distance of over 30 km.

15. Only female polar bears fall asleep during winter sleep

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16. Scientists at the Beaufort Sea observed a polar bear female who flowed a record distance of 687 km within 9 days. She lost 22% fat during this exercise

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17. It can detect food (fish) under ice with a thickness of up to 2km.

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18. The polar bear’s liver is poisonous to humans.

19. The polar bear can swim at a speed of 10 km / h. Can dive for 2 minutes.

20. It is estimated that by the end of this century polar bears will be found only in the ZOO.

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21. In Svalbard, the Norwegian Arctic Archipelago, there are more bears than people.

22. An adult bear runs as fast as a horse.

23. When the bear feels intimidated, it covers its eyes.

24. The bear’s fur is so clean that it reflects the sun’s rays.

25. The ancestor of polar bears lived 20 to 50 thousand years ago in what is now Ireland.

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<h2 style="text-align: center; color: white; font-size: 32px;">Polar bear questions</h2>

What allows polar bears to survive in the Arctic?

Short tail and small ears help to reduce heat loss. Stiff hair on the paw pads provides insulation when walking on snow and ice. On the other hand, black skin absorbs the sun’s rays that warm up his body.

Answer: Paulina

What do polar bears feed on?

Polar bears feed mainly on seals.

Answer: Paulina

How many polar bears live?

Polar bears live on average 15-18 years.

Answer: Paulina

Is the polar bear really white?

The polar bear’s coat consists of translucent and translucent hair that reflects light and makes it appear white.

Answer: MR

Does the polar bear eat penguins?

No, polar bears live in the area around the North Pole and penguins in Antarctica.

Answer: Heron

Why are polar bears covering their nose with their paws?

The bear blends in perfectly with the background of the snowy surroundings. Only a black nose can be seen. When he wants to stay unnoticed, he covers him with his paw.

Answer: Ola

Who is the biggest enemy of polar bears?

On land, no one except man is able to threaten him. In the water, he has little chance to fight walruses and orcs.

Answer: Ola

Why is the liver of a polar bear poisonous to humans?

Because it contains too much Vitamin A.

Answer: Ola

What do polar bears drink?

The polar bear’s body is constructed in such a way that it gets water from the chemical reaction that occurs during the breakdown of fat (metabolic water). Interestingly, from 100 grams of fat, oxidation can produce up to 110 ml of water.

Answer: Lili

Where does the polar bear come from?

The ancestors of polar bears are from Ireland. They come from Irish brown bears that lived during the last Ice Age.

Answer: Marzenka

Is the polar bear an albino?

The albino polar bear has red eyes and a nose.

Answer: Marzenka