The platypus is a species of mammal from the group of monotremes.

He is one of the most unique animals on Earth. Why? You will learn from the interesting facts under the questions.

Platypus interesting facts

1. The platypus is one of the few mammals that produces venom (at the ends of the rear pairs of spurs).

2. The platypus is one of two known mammals that lays eggs (the other is the spike).

3. There is no stomach. His esophagus connects directly with the intestines.

4. Platypuses move like most reptiles. Their limbs are directed to the sides.

5. The platypus can hunt using electrolocation (electroreceptors are located in the longitudinal grooves of the beak skin). It is able to locate a living entity without using its eyes, ears, and nose. It is a very useful skill when diving.

6. The correct body temperature of the platypus is 32 ° C.

7. The prehistoric platypus differed from the modern one only in size. It was about twice as large.

8. The platypuses have cervical ribs.

9. Moving slowly, platypuses do not lift their bodies from the ground.

10. 100 ml of platypus blood contains 23 ml of oxygen.

11. Adult platypuses lose their teeth when leaving the place where they were born.

12. The platypus, like most reptiles, has a cloaca connected to the intestine and reproductive system.

13. The components of the platypus venom are being studied to create painkillers (mainly chronic pain).

14. Female platypuses do not have nipples. Milk is made from the mammary glands in the folds of the skin.

15. Platypuses have as many as 10 sex chromosomes.

16. The platypuses swim with their eyes closed.

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Is platypus venom dangerous to humans?

The venom of the platypus is harmless to humans. It causes severe pain. No fatalities have been reported.

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Where are the platypuses?

They are found only in eastern Australia, from Queendland to Tasman.

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What do platypus eat?

Platypuses eat worms, insect larvae, shrimp.

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How big are the platypus?

The average body length of males is 50 cm, and of females 43 cm.

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How much do the platypuses weigh?

From 0.8 to 2.5 kg. Males average 1.8 kg, and females 0.8 to 1.6 kg.

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How many platypuses live?

Platypuses live about 15 years.

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Why does an adult platypus lose teeth?

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