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1. Scientific name: Octopoda

2. The octopus is a predatory cephalopod living in salt seas, especially coral reefs.

Author: AC

3. There are currently 250 species of octopuses.

4. Octopus are sexless.

5. Octopus are fished for consumption.

6. Sepia, a dye produced by a black octopus pouch, is used to make paints.

Author: Paulina

7. Octopus are among the seafood.

Author: Tomek

8. The natural color of the huge octopus is gray or brown.

9. The skin of huge octopuses is waterproof and is used for the production of raincoats.

Author: Tomek

10. Octopus are soft. Their only hard part is the beak.

11. In the beak of the octopus, there is a paralyzing venom.

12. If the octopus passes through a hole, the rest of the body can take any shape and fit.

13. There is a case of a New Zealand octopus named Inky, who escaped spectacularly from the zoo, getting into the waters of the Pacific.

Author: Ola

14. Octopuses feel the taste of everything they touch.

15. They are unforgiving and can show sympathy and dislike. If they do not like someone they can, for example, spit water on it.

16. Octopuses have blue blood. Instead of iron it contains copper.

17. They have three hearts.

Author: Marta

18. Octopus can not see colors.

19. They have horizontal pupils.

Author: Marta

20. Octopuses are extremely clever and clever. They can take any shape, pretend to be any sea animal, and surroundings.

21. They can change the color and appearance of their skin. The appearance of spikes, scales, folds on it is not a problem.

22. When all defense systems fail, the octopus can still release a cloud of ink into the predator and escape.

23. Octopuses are unique, mysterious animals, not matching our World.

24. They are able to change the color of the skin much better than chameleons. They can “feel” colors in some unusual way.

25. The octopus brain has 500 million neurons (100 million less than a dog).

Author: Beny

26. About 65% of all neurons are placed in eight of her arms. It looks like every arm “thinks” separately. The octopus sends a signal to be taken and observes how its command is done.

Author: Niesamowite

27. Octopuses are loners. They began to cuddle after ecstasy was given to them by scientists.

Author: LM


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How many octopuses live?

Octopuses live shortly, on average a year or two. The giant octopus can live up to 5 years.

Answer: Beny

If the octopus can not see the colors, how can he change the color of his skin so perfectly?

This is a question that researchers are constantly looking for answers to.

Answer: Marta

When did the octopus appear in the world?

It is estimated that it was over 500 million years ago.

Answer: Marta

How much does an octopus weigh?

The largest, giant octopuses weigh an average of 15 kg, and the smallest (wolfi) less than 1 gram.

Answer: Marta

How much did the heaviest octopus weigh?

The largest documented specimen weighed 71 kg.

Answer: Marta

What shoulder span can octopus have?

The largest species have an average shoulder area of ​​4.2 meters and the smallest 2.5 cm.

Answer: Marta