An anteater is a mammal belonging to the anteater family.

Occurs in Central and South America.

There are 4 species of anteaters. In this pack of knowledge, we will take a closer look at the giant anteater.

Anteater interesting facts

1. The anteater can eat up to 35,000 ants a day.

2. When hunting ants, it is able to swing its long tongue at a speed of up to 150 movements per minute.

3. The attack on the anthill lasts no more than a minute. Strongly biting ants do not allow for longer actions.

4. Anteaters are loners. One individual needs from 1 km² to 2.5 km² of free land to live peacefully.

5. The anteater has 40 times better sense of smell than humans.

6. The claws of an adult giant anteater are more than 10 cm long. In an emergency, they are able to defend themselves against animals such as puma or jaguar.

7. Giant anteaters are the most endangered mammals in Central America.

8. About 5,000 great anteaters live in the wild.

9. The greatest relative of the great anteater is the dwarf sloth. They had a common ancestor over 55 million years ago.

10. Their sticky tongue may be more than 50 cm.

11. The young anteater is carried on the mother’s back until the age of 6 months. It becomes fully independent after 2 years.

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Anteater questions and answers

What is the body length of a giant anteater?

Its body length, excluding the tail, ranges from 100 to 130 cm (the length of the tail is from 65 to 90 cm).

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How much does the anteater weigh?

The body weight of anteaters ranges from about 30 to 65 kg.

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How long does an anteater’s pregnancy take?

Gestation of the anteater lasts approximately 180 days.

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What do anteaters eat?

As the name suggests, their main food is ants. They also eat insect larvae, fruit and bird eggs.

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What is the lifespan of an anteater?

Anteaters live up to 27 years. The average life expectancy for females is approximately 11 years and for males 15 years.

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In what areas are anteaters found?

Anteaters can be found in rainy jungles, mixed forests, grassy plains and steppes in Central and South America.

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Can an anteater kill a human?

An attack with powerful claws can severely injure and even kill a person. However, such situations do not occur. Anteaters only attack when they cannot escape.

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What is the main reason for the decline in the anteater population?

The main reason is the destruction of their habitat and hunting. They are considered pests by many local farmers.

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What are the species of anteaters?

Giant anteater, Mexican (northern Tamandua), four-toed (southern Tamandua) and silky (dwarf anteater).

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