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1. The scientific name is Formicidae.

2. Ants are insects belonging to the order of the hymenoptera and ant family.

3. Over 12,000 species of ants are known (103 species in Poland).

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4. Ants belong to the superfamily of the os.

5. Lemon ant produces a formic acid that tastes like lemon.

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6. The most dangerous ant is the Paraponera clavata living in the jungles of South America can be up to 2.5 cm in length.

7. The bite of this ant is so painful that you can compare it to a shot from a gun. The terrifying pain can last up to 24 hours. This ant is called “bullet ant” (bullet ant).

8. This ant was used for ritual rites. A person who wanted to become a warrior had to endure the bite of this ant.

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9. Ants belonging to the workers’ caste have underdeveloped reproductive organs.

10. These are insects living in large colonies in which each individual fulfills a well-defined function.

11. Ants called soldiers have large heads and very strong mandibles.

12. The main task of male ants is to fertilize females.

13. A fertilized female becomes a queen whose sole responsibility is to lay eggs.

14. In one colony of ants there can only be one queen. In the event of her death, she is replaced immediately by a specially prepared worker (properly fed).

15. The male after copulation with the female dies.

16. In the swarming period the female and male ants have wings that they lose after the gods. However, they can not fly well.

17. Eggs, and hatched larvae take care of the workers in a specially designated place.

18. Workers eat the found food, then return to the nest where the queen and larva returned to feed it.

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19. When the ant takes food too much, it returns it so that another ant is not hungry.

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20. About 200,000 ants weigh 1 kg.

21. The biggest ant is Queen Dorylus. Its length reaches up to 5 cm.

22. The queen of Dolyrus can even lay two million eggs a month.

23. Large colonies of African ants can consist of over 20 million individuals.

24. In Australia, you can find ants-bulldogs whose body length reaches up to 4 cm. They are poisonous, they can kill a man.

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25. The group of ants always runs at an equal pace, they do not overtake. When the ant catch up with the slower one, it slows down and runs after it.

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How much can an ant live?

The queen of ants can live up to 20 years.

Answer: Marta

How many ants weigh?

Ant, depending on the species, weighs on average from 3 to 7 mg.

Answer: Marta

What are the ants eating?

Ants eat foods of plant and animal origin.

Answer: Marta

Where are the ants?

Ants are found on all continents.

Answer: Marta

What size are the ants?

Depending on the species, the ants have between 1 mm and up to 5 cm in length.

Answer: Marta

How strong are the ants?

The ant is able to lift a weight 5 times heavier than itself.

Answer: Marta

How fast are the ants?

Ants cover an average of 1 cm per second, the fastest in the world can move up to 4 cm per second.

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Do ants have a tail?

Ants have a sting at the end of the abdomen. The tail is nowhere to be seen.

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