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1. Over 1000 species of bats are known.

2. Bats are the only volatile mammals that conduct nocturnal life.

3. The scientific name is Chiroptera.

Author: AC

4. They are the only mammals that have wings

Author: Marta

5. The bats are resting, hanging upside down.

6. The science dealing with bats is chiropterology.

7. Typical bats have prominent ears, because hearing is their basic sense when orienting in space and getting food.

8. Bats’ knee joints are facing backwards in contrast to other mammals.

Author: Paulina

9. The wingspan of bats reaches 170 cm.

10. European species fly at a speed of 52-55 km / h.

11. Echolocation of bats is based on sending ultrasounds by them, which, reflected from obstacles or gains, return as an echo to the ear.

12. Bats are thermophilic animals.

13. Bats live in colonies, thanks to which they cling to each other with their bodies, which reduces heat loss.

Author: Saga

14. Bats, in order to survive the winter despite lack of food, become hibernating. By lowering body temperature by more than 30 ° C and a significant slowdown in vital functions, they can survive using only subcutaneous fat stores.

15. Bats come into the world in late spring.

16. It rarely happens that female bats give birth to more than one baby at a time.

17. It has been observed that female bats “help” the partner orally if the poor man is unwell during love frolics.

18. The females of some bats after the autumn copulation keep the male’s sperm in their reproductive ways, and this one keeps its vitality until spring, that’s when it’s time to fertilize.

Author: Evka

19. A bat in hibernation can survive up to 180 days.

20. Even though the bat looks ugly, he can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in one evening. They prevent the spread of deadly diseases.

21. Bats can be found in attics, in basements, on bridges, even in big cities.

22. In a second they can spend over 100 sounds in high frequency not heard by people. Thanks to this, they can move in total darkness.

23. Large gatherings of bats during the hunt fly away from each other so that there is no collision in the air with other individuals.

Author: Monia

24. When he turns a bat, eg a flashlight in the face, he covers it with his wing. They have very sensitive eyes to light.

25. As much as 95% of the bat’s body surface are wings.

Author: Madam


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How much does a bat live?

The bat can live up to 30 years.

Answer: Paulina

How much does a bat weigh?

The bat, depending on the species, can weigh from 1.7g to 1.35kg.

Answer: Paulina

Where are the bats?

Bats are found on all continents except the polar and desert regions.

Answer: Marta

What do bats eat?

Bats depending on the species are insectivorous, herbivorous or drinking nectar. The largest bats eat rodents, fish and reptiles.

Answer: Kasia

Where does the belief that bats are bloodthirsty beasts come from?

There are three species of bats that actually feed on blood. They attack mainly sleeping cattle and sheep. You can meet them in Mexico and South America.

Answer: Kasia

Why are bats so strange, scarcely flying (how would they be drunk)?

Bats fly zigzag to hunt as effectively as possible. Each of their movements is planned in advance.

Answer: Kasia

Why bats have such big ears?

In order to be able to receive the smallest sounds from reflected objects.

Answer: Kasia

Are bats blind?

No, bats see no worse than people.

Answer: Kasia

Are there bats drinking blood in Poland?

Polish bats eat insects. There are only 3 species of bats in the world that feed on blood. Fortunately, they live far from Poland 🙂

Answer: Monia

In what places do bats live in Poland?

Bat is the easiest to meet in caves, but also in abandoned attics, basements, and canals. Everywhere where it is dark, damp and terribly … 🙂

Answer: Ola