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1. The scientific name is Tulipa.

2. The tulip is a plant belonging to the lily family.

3. In the natural environment, it can be found in Southern Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

Author: AC

4. There are about 75 main species of tulips and thousands of their varieties.

5. The tulip opens at an elevated temperature (above + 15 ° C) and closes at low (below + 13 ° C).

6. There are varieties of tulips with names such as: Ronaldo, Yuri Gagarin, Antonio Vivaldi, Elvis Presley, Hillary Clinton, Maria Kaczyńska.

Author: Marta

7. Tulip pollen remains germination for over 3 months.

8. Tulip is the most commonly cultivated ornamental plant in the world.

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9. Charles de L’Écluse used to grow tulips in the Viennese botanical garden as early as 1594, and only 21 years later in the Dutch botanical garden of the University of Leiden.

10. In the 17th century, some bulbs were worth a fortune. You could buy a property for it.

11. The Netherlands is a global leader in the cultivation of tulips.

Author: Aria

12. In the garden of the Dutch Keukenhof there are over 4.5 million tulips in all sorts of species.

13. The Keukenhof garden is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

14. The Keukenhof garden is open only for 2 months during the year.

15. Red and yellow color of tulips symbolizes love.

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On which soil is it best to plant tulips?

Tulips grow best on humus soil, which is neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline. Needless to say, the more sunlight the better.

Answer: Marta

Where and when did the tulips begin to grow?

It is assumed that the first tulips were cultivated in Persia in the 20th century,

Answer: Marta