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1. Her leaves are used to treat various ailments and in the cosmetics industry.

2. Lipa is a tree from the deciduous family, with a smooth gray bark.

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3. There are about 30 types of lime tree.

4. Due to its lightness and softness, lime is often used in sculptural works.

5. Linden leaves have a heart shape and serrated edges.

6. Linden flowers appear in late spring, they are yellow and fragrant.

7. After pollination the flowers transform into nuts filled with numerous seeds.

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8. Honey made of linden flowers produced by bees is considered one of the most delicious honeys.

9. The Vikings made linden discs.

10. In Poland, the lime tree with the largest circumference (922cm) grows in the village of Cielętniki (Dąbrowa Zielona commune, Śląskie Voivodeship).

11. The name of the month of July comes from the fact that lime blooms at this time.

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12. Lime wood is easy to process, but it is very durable. In the past, when a large part of the tools and everyday equipment was made of wood, something weak and poor was said to be “voracious”. The word has remained until today.

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What medical use do linden flowers have?

Linden flowers are effective in the treatment of colds, fevers, headaches and disorders of the nervous system.

Answer: Paulina

What medical use do linden leaves have?

Linden leaves have anti-inflammatory effects.

Answer: Paulina

What medical use does wood / lime bark have?

The bark of the lime tree is used in the case of liver and gallbladder dysfunction. However, charcoal made of wood is a good drug for ulcers and edema.

Answer: Paulina