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1. Oak is a tree belonging to the beech family.

2. There are about 200 species of oaks.

3. The scientific name is Quercus.

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4. The fruits of the oak are acorns.

5. The most known oak in Poland is Bartek Oak, located in Zagnańsk near Kielce.

6. Bartek oak is the largest oak tree in Poland. Its height is 28.5 meters. The circumference of the trunk is almost 10 meters.

7. The Bolesław oak from the Kołobrzeski Forest is considered to be the oldest oak in Poland. His age is estimated at around 800 years.

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8. Oak leaves are on Polish coins.

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9. The oak is sometimes classified as tall shrubs.

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10. There is “oak” beer in Poland.

11. Oak leaves and its acorns are poisonous for horses, cows, sheep and goats.

12. It is estimated that on 10,000 glans, only 1 tree grows.

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13. In Greek mythology, the oak was the sacred tree of Zeus.

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Why is whiskey aged in oak barrels?

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