Tuberculosis is a bacterial infectious disease of animals and humans caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis.

On March 24, World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated.

Tuberculosis interesting facts

1. More than 30% of the population had contact with mycobacteria tuberculosis.

2. Initially, tuberculosis was called consumption.

3. This disease decimated the population of Europe from the 17th century.

4. In 1921, the first anti-tuberculosis vaccine was used in humans.

5. Since 1993, tuberculosis has been considered a global health threat.

6. Annually, over 6 million people suffer from tuberculosis. Mortality is around 20%.

7. 10% of latent infections develop an active disease that kills half of those infected.

8. It is estimated that over 25% of people in the world have latent tuberculosis.

9. 50% of all tuberculosis cases were reported in 8 countries: India (27%), China (9%), Indonesia (8%), Philippines (6%), Pakistan (6%), Nigeria (4%) and Bangladesh (4% ).

10. Tuberculosis has accompanied mankind since ancient times.

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Where is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis occurs all over the world. The most common regions are Southeast Asia (44%), Africa (24%) and the West Pacific (18%).

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Why is World Tuberculosis Day celebrated on March 24?

It is the day when in 1882 Robert Koch informed the world of science about a successful attempt to isolate the tuberculosis mycobacterium.

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Is there an effective tuberculosis vaccine?

There is no vaccine that fully protects against tuberculosis. BCG vaccine reduces infant mortality from 25% to 1%.

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How much does the tuberculosis vaccine work?

10-15 years.

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Is tuberculosis cured?

Tuberculosis can be cured with the right drugs.

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How long does tuberculosis treatment take?

Treatment with antibiotics usually lasts 6 months.

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What are the main symptoms of tuberculosis?

Chronic cough often with mucus containing blood, fever, weight loss, night sweats.

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How can you catch tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is spread by the airway by coughing, spitting, talking or sneezing.

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Can people with latent tuberculosis be contagious?

Such people are not contagious.

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