Astrology is a form of divination based on obtaining information about the future of people and events on Earth by observing the position of celestial bodies in the sky.

Astrology interesting facts

1. The first people dealing with primary astrology are mentioned in the second millennium BCE.

2. April 29, 410 B.C.E. the oldest known horoscope was created.

3. In the 15th century, Pope Sixtus IV created his own horoscope, even though Christians never accepted astrology.

4. The German astrologer Fran Elsbeth Ebertin predicted Hitler’s rise to power in 1924, based on Hitler’s date of birth.

5. There were originally 13 zodiac signs. Ophiuchus (Ophiuchus) was removed after the introduction of the 12-month calendar.

6. The signs of the zodiac fall into four different groups: water, fire, earth, and air.

7. Astrologers believe that the moon affects humans much like the waters of the ocean. No wonder, after all, man consists of 75% water.

8. 75% of people who read horoscopes are women.

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Astrology questions and answers

Do horoscopes work?

Horoscopes are written in such a way that their message fits the largest possible group of people. Hence the erroneous belief of many people about their effectiveness.

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Why is astrology considered a pseudoscience?

Because there is no evidence of its effectiveness, and it has no scientific value.

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