It is a metabolic disease, where people have elevated blood glucose levels.

November 14 is World Diabetes Day.

June 27 is World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes mellitus interesting facts

1. Over 30% of patients do not know about it.

2. Type 2 diabetes often does not show any symptoms.

3. Most people with diabetes are in Asia.

4. Diabetes occurring during pregnancy often disappears after childbirth.

5. Work is underway to create a pancreas for transplantation in a 3D hipodulator that could cure type 1 diabetic patients.

6. The first patients can receive a new pancreas as early as 2021.

7. Diabetes is the first non-communicable disease considered an epidemic of the 21st century.

8. Annually, the number of diabetics increases by over 2%.

9. Annually, over 13% of the healthcare budget is spent on diabetes treatment in Poland.

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What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Weight loss, excessive wetting or increased thirst.

Answer: Paulina

How to treat diabetes?

You need a diet and medicines.

Answer: Paulina

Why is World Diabetes Day celebrated on November 14?

This is the anniversary of the birth of insulin explorer Frederick Banting.

Answer: Marta

How many people in Poland have diabetes?

Nearly 4 million people.

Answer: Marta

How much can a lifestyle change reduce the risk of diabetes?

It is estimated that a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 70%.

Answer: Marta

What is the most common cause of diabetes?

What is the most common cause of diabetes?

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