Sundew facts


1. The scientific name is: Drosera.

2. Sundew is an insectivorous plant belonging to the family of sundews.

3. Over 180 species of sundew are known.

Author: AC

4. Over 100 species of sundew grows in Australia.

5. Three species of sundew grow in Poland.

6. Sundew can live up to 50 years.

7. Australian sundews are considered a delicacy of Aborigines.

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Sundew questions

On what area do sundew grow?

It’s easiest to find sundews in swampy areas, backwaters. They like areas shallowly covered with water.

Answer: Paula

Does the sundew really devour animals?

Yes, mainly small insects, but there are also cases when a mouse, or small birds are eaten.

Answer: Paula

Is the sundew a big plant?

It is not a large plant, the height of most species reaches up to 15 cm.

Answer: Paula

How can a plant eat an animal?

Sundew has leaves as a trap. They are covered with glandular hairs that give off sticky liquid attracting animals.

Answer: Paula