Rose facts


1. There are about 200 species of roses.

2. The scientific name is: Rosa.

3. Rose is a plant belonging to the family Rosaceae.

Author: AC

4. Rhodology is a science dealing with the subject of roses.

5. Presumably, the roses come from China, where their greatest diversity is now.

6. The amount of rose leaves is always odd.

7. There are species of roses that have as many as 19 leaves.

Author: Paula

8. Most of the roses have only 5 petals. In breeding species, there can be up to 15 of them.

Author: lena

9. The red rose in Christianity is a symbol of the martyrdom of Jesus Christ.

10. There are many noble coats of arms with a rose motif.

Author: lena

11. The Rose Festival is celebrated in the first weekend of September in Kutno.

Author: Marysia


Rose questions

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