Palm trees facts


1. The scientific name is Arecaceae.

2. Palma is a plant belonging to the monocotyledon group.

3. Over 2,000 palm species are known.

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4. The trunk of a palm tree is called a chimney.

5. Most palm trees grow in tropical and subtropical climate zones.

6. Palms were a symbol of victory, peace, and fertility. Currently, palm tree is associated with tropical islands.

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7. Date palm leaves reach up to 3 meters in length, while coconut ones can be up to 6 meters long and 90 cm wide.

8. The palm leaf can have up to 150 small pointed tips.

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9. Leaves growing on the top of the palm rise up, and the lower ones hang down.

10. Date palms are in the coat of arms of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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11. In regions where there are not enough warm days, the palm does not give fruit.

12. One coconut palm can give up to 75 coconuts a year.

13. Annually about 150 people die from the impact falling from the coconut palm.

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Palm trees questions

What height can a palm reach?

Palms can be very high, they can reach up to 60 meters.

Answer: Marta

Can a coconut falling from a palm kill you?

The weight of the coconut can reach up to 4 kg. A strike from a height of more than 30 meters can kill as much as possible.

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Where did the saying “palm reflect you” come from?

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Where did the custom with the ordination of the Easter palm come from?

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Where are the palm trees ??

Palm trees grow in warm areas where the temperature of the coldest month does not fall below 2 degrees.

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