Coconut is a plant belonging to the areaceae family.

More than 100 species of coconut palms are known.

Coconut interesting facts

1. Fossils of small coconuts dating back 15 million years have been discovered in New Zealand.

2. Coconut is not really a fibrous drupe nut.

3. The coconut palm is the national tree of the Maldives.

4. Ho Eng Hui in 2011 smashed 4 coconuts with his hand in 12.15 seconds.

5. A coconut falling from a palm tree can kill a person.

6. More than 100 coconuts can grow on one palm tree.

7. The most coconuts are grown in Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

8. One of the three most popular bars in the world is Coconut Bounty.

9. The smell of burning coconut shell repels mosquitoes.

10. Coconut palm seeds carry the waves of the oceans around the world.

11. The coconut palm can live for over 100 years, producing fruit for 80 years.

12. According to Sinbad’s story, the Sailor was selling coconuts on his fifth voyage.

13. Wild coconut palms can only be found on the beaches.

14. In some countries, trained monkeys are used to harvest coconuts.

15. Lauric acid in coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties.

16. On the island of Pralin in the Seychelles grows a palm tree that produces the world’s largest coconuts. The fruit matures 7 years and can weigh more than 20 kg.

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Coconut questions and answers

How much does a coconut weigh?

The weight of an average coconut can reach 2.5 kg.

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Where did the name coconut come from?

The fruit was named after Portuguese sailors, who resembled a ghostly smiling face (coco means “smiling appearance”).

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Why is the coconut 3 holes?

These are the places from which new sprouts grow.

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Coconut makes you allergic?

Coconut can cause allergies. However, this rarely happens.

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Why is the saying “making coconuts”?

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How high are coconut trees?

Their height reaches 30 m.

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