Peach fruit facts


1. Peach is the fruit of a tree belonging to the family Rosaceae.

2. The scientific name is Prunus persica.

Author: AC

3. The annual global production of peaches is about 23 million tons.

4. Most peaches are produced in China (around 54%).

5. Peaches ripen from July to October (depending on the species).

Author: Marta

6. 100 grams of peach contains 190 mg of potassium.

7. The beautiful scent of peach creates a mix of 110 chemical compounds.

Author: Alicja

8. At the beginning of the 19th century, flat peaches (a variety originating in China) were very popular.

9. The peaches were called Persian apples.

Author: Tomek


Peach fruit questions

How many calories do peaches have?

There are 39 kcal in 100 grams of peaches.

Answer: Marta

What height can be a peach tree?

The tree can be 4 to 10 meters high.

Answer: Marta

How old is the peach tree living?

The tree can live for 30 years.

Answer: Marta

How much does a peach weighs?

Peach weighs from 100 to 200 grams.

Answer: Marta