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1. The apple is a spherical, edible fruit belonging to the Malus apple tree species.

Author: AC

2. Apple is the most popular Polish fruit.

Author: Kasia

3. Apples come from the area of ​​present-day Kazakhstan.

4. The apple is considered a symbol of life, health, love, fertility, abundance, immortality, and harvest.

5. At traditional village weddings, apples were handed to a young couple.

6. In ancient Greece it was a habit that throwing someone an apple meant a confession of love.

Author: Marta

7. The apple in the Bible is presented as the “forbidden fruit”, which the snake in paradise tempted Eve.

8. In Latin, the word apple “malus / malum” means “bad / evil”.

Author: Marta

9. The name of this fruit is called feminine breasts.

Author: Heniu

10. Without the smell, the apple, potato and onion taste the same. They are all cute.

Author: MR

11. The peaches were called Persian apples.

Author: Tomek

12. The falling apple inspired Newton to describe the law of universal gravitation.

13. The apple that fell on Newton’s head was of the Flower of Kent genus.

Author: Berta

14. The Danes eat the most apples (counting per capita). Annually, each of them eats them an average of 31 kg.

15. Over 85 million tons of apples are produced annually in the world.

16. The largest producer of apples in the world is China (48%).

Author: Stats

17. Apple will grow from the pit of apple, which will give completely different apples than the one from which the stone comes.

18. Eating an apple you can get rid of the smell of garlic from your mouth.

Author: RedLabs

19. One of Herakles’ 12 works was to get a golden apple from the garden of the Hesperides.

20. In Celtic mythology, the afterlife is called Avalon, the “Isle of Apples”.

21. Apple is nibbled in the logo of the world-famous Apple.

Author: Hejnałek

22. There is not a single word in the Bible about the forbidden fruit being an apple. It is written only “fruit”.

Author: Katja


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How many calories does an apple have?

In 100 grams, apples are 52 kcal.

Answer: Marta

Why was the apple in the Biblical paradise the forbidden fruit?

The Bible does not say what a fruit it is. Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Answer: Marta

Why is Adam’s apple used for cartilage on male greed?

It is a reference to a piece of apple, the forbidden fruit of the biblical paradise that stood in Adam’s throat.

Answer: Marta