Stuttering is a speech disorder in which you repeatedly repeat or prolong sounds, syllables or words. There are also hesitations or pauses that interfere with fluent speech.

Stuttering interesting facts

1. The severity of your stuttering is not constant. It depends on many factors, including your stress level. Speech is much smoother when singing, whispering, playing a role, or talking to a loved one or children.

2. The first signs of stuttering appear on average in babies as young as 30 months of age. 20% of these cases are carried over to adulthood.

3. Children with first-degree relatives who stutter are three times more likely to have speech problems.

4. Stuttering is more common in boys than in girls (2 to 1). In adults, this ratio increases to 4 to 1.

5. Over 70 million people worldwide have a problem with stuttering.

6. One famous person who stuttered was Marilyn Monroe.

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When is stuttering a disorder?

When its intensity interferes with the fluency of speech.

Answer: Mati

There is a cure for stuttering?

There is no effective cure for stuttering.

Answer: Mati

How Can I Fight Stuttering?

It is worth using various speech therapies. They can reduce the problem to such an extent that interpersonal communication is no longer a problem.

Answer: Mati

What can prolonged stuttering lead to?

Stuttering can cause anxiety, low self-esteem, nervousness and stress.

Answer: Mati

Is it possible to stutter when traumatized?

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What can cause an adult to stutter?

Head injury, cancer or drug use.

Answer: Mati

It is possible that one twin has a stutter and the other does not?

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