Bones are organs made up of many different tissues that make up the skeletal system.

Bone interesting facts

1. An adult has 206 bones. Interestingly, after birth, they have over 270. Many of them grow older with age.

2. In prehistoric times, animal bones were made into tools.

3. There are 54 bones in human hand alone.

4. The hardest human bone is the femur.

5. The most common broken bone in adults is the humerus bone, and in children the collarbone.

6. Man has only one bone that is not connected to any other. It is the hyoid bone at the base of the tongue.

7. Bones produce red and white blood cells.

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What is the name of bone science?

This is osteology.

Answer: Doktorek

What tissues are bones made of?

The bones consist mainly of bone, fat, cartilage and hematopoietic tissue.

Answer: Doktorek

How many bones do you have?

An adult has 206 bones.

Answer: Doktorek

What man has the largest bone?

The femur is the largest.

Answer: Doktorek

What kind of man has the smallest bone?

The stapes in the middle ear are the smallest.

Answer: Doktorek

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