Depression is one of the most serious diseases in the world (it ranks fourth).

The main symptoms are fatigue, fatigue and aversion to life.

It should be remembered that it is worthwhile to report to a psychologist in case of doubt or for simple help in this area.

On February 23, each year, the international day for combating depression is celebrated.

It was established in order to show people how much this is a serious problem and how to deal with it.

Depression interesting facts

1. Depression often leads to suicide, about 30 percent of patients.

2. Up to 10 percent of the population suffer from depression.

3. People between 18 and 44 suffer most often.

4. As many as 75 percent of patients will fall ill again.

5. Often patients do not realize that they suffer from depression, they attribute symptoms to other diseases.

6. There is even postpartum depression.

7. Ecstasy increases the risk of getting sick.

8. Weather is a factor that causes depression.

9. There is a seasonal mood depression caused by a lack of sunlight.

10. Artists are more prone to depression.

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What is postnatal depression?

Some women are overwhelmed by the fact that they have new responsibilities for caring for a child. It is a new situation for them in which they do not find their way to the end. It mainly meets women who had no children before. It often goes over time, but it is worth contacting a specialist doctor, because history knows a few cases, where mothers were the executioners of their children.

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Can you treat depression with marijuana?

Because it is known from research that marijuana has antipsychogenic and anti-inflammatory effects, research has begun on the role of this light drug in the treatment of depression. It is impossible at this stage to clearly state whether it actually helps, but there is a hypothesis of marijuana self-healing in a situation when the mood is getting worse. What is certain is that spot marijuana improves the mood.

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How to fight depression?

First and foremost, you need to help yourself and receive help from others. Immediately go to a specialist because he is following us on the right path. It should be noted that he has an individual approach to each patient because even though the disease is the same for everyone, there may be a different cause. It is known that patients need endorphins so you have to stay as much as possible in the sun, you can help with chocolate and stay in a circle surrounded by friends. There are also individual medicines such as: dancing, drinking beer, reading books about happy subjects, learning a foreign language, and still others are surrounded by vivid colors.

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What time of year is the most favorable for depression?

Winter is the most favorable season of this disease. It is a seasonal depression dependent on the weather begins already in the fall. This is because there is not much sunlight in this period. It is generally assumed that seasonal depression is caused by biological responses to shorter days of light hours. It affects 2-10 percent of the population mainly depending on the geographical location. People who live further from the equator are more exposed. It is treated with phototherapy (solarium), although without this the improvement is already taking place with the first signs of spring.

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Which gender is more likely to have depression?

It is estimated that three times more women than men are depressed. It is they who try to take their lives more often, but men are more likely to succeed (15% of them fail to save). The risk of depression in women is 20 to 25 percent and in men 7 to 12 percent.

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