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1. Shrimps are sea and freshwater crustaceans.

Author: AC

2. There are over 2,500 types of shrimp.

3. Shrimps are found in the waters of the whole world.

4. Several types of shrimp live in the Baltic Sea, but because they are small, they serve only as bait.

5. Shrimps are classified as seafood.

6. One species (shrimp speckled) appeared in the Oder.

Author: Paulina

7. Freshwater species of shrimps are grown in aquariums.

Author: Paulina

8. Tiger prawn is the largest variation of shrimps.

9. Saddle – this is a yellow spot on the spine’s back (only females have them). The saddle is made of unfertilized eggs that, after fertilization, transfers to the abdomen and carries them for 3 weeks on the legs.

10. Moulting is the dropped shrimp armor.

Author: Alicja

11. Most representatives of Caridea are omnivorous, but some specialize in particular types of food intake. Some of them filter food using their bristles on the legs as a sieve; others scrape algae from the rocks.

Author: polikhjyhnfhh 


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