The camel is a large mammal in the camelid family.

Camel interesting facts

1. In the past, camels were used to transport goods, they could carry a weight of about 500 kg.

2. There are two types of camels: one hump and two hump.

3. The one-humped camel appears only as a farm animal.

4. One of the gifts that Bolesław I the Brave gave to the German Emperor Otto III in 1000 was a camel.

5. A thirsty camel can drink as much water as one-third of its body weight, although there is no evidence that it is drinking too much water in reserve.

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6. Camel milk is considered a gift from Allah to the Bedouins.

7. Camel milk has three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk.

8. Camels do not accumulate water in their hump, as is commonly believed, but in the lining of their stomach.

9. The camel can run at a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

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10. The camel can go up to 10 months without drinking.

11. The camel feeds on grasses, herbs and shrubs, even dry and thorny ones.

12. A newborn camel is about 1 m tall.

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13. Although a camel is a herbivorous animal, it can digest anything.

14. When taking pictures of the desert for Google Street View, the camera was placed on the back of a camel.

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15. Saudi scientists believe camel urine is a cure for cancer.

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16. In itself, the taste of camel urine is disgusting, but when mixed with milk, it gets even worse.

17. The World Health Organization advises against drinking camel urine. There is a risk of contracting Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). There is no vaccine for it, and the mortality rate is as high as 38% of those infected.

18. Saudi Arabia imports, inter alia, from Australia, camels, because more of them are eaten than can be farmed.

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19. There are over half a million wild camels in Australia. They are sold to Saudi Arabia.

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20. Camel burgers are popular in Bahrain.

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21. In Qatar, there are camel races with robots on the backs.

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Camel questions and answers

Where do camels live?

Bactrians (bactrian) are found in the Gobi Desert, Central Asia – mainly in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

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What is a camel’s hump for?

The camel’s hump is used to store high-energy fat.

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How much does a camel weigh?

The male camel weighs up to 600 kg, while the female weighs up to 540 kg.

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How many camels live?

Camels live on average 40-50 years.

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How fast are camels drinking water?

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