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1. An adult female of domestic cattle, bison, round, buffalo and other species of the bovine family.

Author: AC

2. The cow is also called nursing female whale.

3. In India, cows are considered sacred. The cow is also a sacred animal of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

4. During the day, the cow needs 7 hours of sleep.

5. The cow can recognize over 100 other cows.

6. There are not two equally-colored cows.

Author: Paulina

7. The cow has sweat glands in the nose.

8. Cows are one of the few herbivorous species that become cannibals during starvation.

9. Cows spend about 8 hours a day eating each day.

Author: Paulina

10. The cows are grazing along the north-south line.

11. On February 18, 1930, a cow called Nellie Jay was the first to fly by plane.

Author: Tomek

12. There is a mental illness called Boanthropy, in which a sick person thinks he is a cow and behaves like her.

13. Hardly anyone would think that one of the animals that kills the most people in Australia is a cow.

Author: Lipton

14. Balloons of airships used during World War I were made of cow’s stomachs. To produce one, they needed as much as 250,000.

15. During a day, a cow can produce up to 150 liters of saliva.

16. American football balls are made of cow’s skin. The annual demand for them is about 3000 cows.

Author: Heron

17. In India, cow urine is sold as a medicine.

Author: Heron

18. For a cow to give 1 liter of milk, he must drink over 5 liters of water.

19. On July 14, 1985, a cow was sold for a record $ 1.3 million.

Author: Alicja

20. In the German town of Rasdorf in 2014, 90 cows suffering from flatulence led to such a high concentration of methane in the barn that an electrostatic discharge caused an explosion.

21. Gases that a cow would release during the day would be enough to fill a 400-liter bottle.

Author: X

22. In the vicinity of the Białowieża Forest in November 2017 an interesting situation took place. The cow escaped from the farm and joined the 50-person bison herd.

Author: Mati

23. In 2003, on the border between Spain and France, the world record of a multiple pregnancy in a cow fell. The pięcioraczki were playing.

24. In Poland, the arrival of cow twins was recorded, among others five quackers in 2001, quintuplets in the village of Wojny Izdebnik, quadruplets in 2010 in Bzury and in 2011 in Górzno, where, in addition, they were identical monkeys.

Author: Amelia

25. It is better not to approach a cow with a dog, a cow may attack him.

26. The cow should be approached so that she can see us. A surprised cow can attack.

27. Seeing an aggressive cow you can not run away or turn your back on her. It’s best to retreat, all the time being directed towards her. We avoid looking her straight in the eyes.

28. An aggressive cow can effectively stop a blow, eg with a stick in the nose.

29. Over 90% of people (not related to agriculture) who killed cows were with dogs.

30. The cows are irritated by bright colors.

Author: FarMer


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How old is the cow?

The cow lives on average 18-22 years.

Answer: Paulina

How much does a cow weigh?

The cow weighs about 750kg.

Answer: Paulina

How long does a cow’s pregnancy last?

It lasts about 283 days.

Answer: Paulina

How much milk does a cow give?

One cow gives about 4-5l milk per single milking.

Answer: Paulina / Lek wet

How much does a kg of beef cost?

At slaughter per kg of beef in Poland, we get between 10 and 14 PLN (1 $ = 3,8 PLN).

Answer: Paulina

Why do cows graze by positioning in the north-south line?

It is believed that this is related to the fact that cows sense the Earth’s magnetic field, but why they set themselves just so, scientists do not know it yet.

Answer: Mati

What to do when the cow wants to attack you?

Above all, keep calm. Cows’ attacks on humans are dangerous, but fortunately they happen rarely. It’s best to observe the behavior of a cow, as it can be seen that doing “hostile gestures” is to avoid it with a wide arc.

Answer: Doimleko

If the cow wants to attack, can you pretend to be dead?

This is not a good idea. The cow kills trashing his victim. It is best to retreat without turning her eyes away from her, and if she attacks, beat her nose as hard as possible.

Answer: FarMer