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1. Common swift is an average migratory bird.

Author: AC

2. Swifts are wintering in Africa.

3. Swifts live in almost all of Europe, a large part of Asia and northern Africa.

4. The wingspan’s range is 40-44cm.

5. When gathering food for the chicks, the swift gathers in the dewlap a clump of insects.

6. Common swift can remain in flight without interruption for 2 to 3 years.

Author: Paulina

7. Common swift is one of the fastest birds in Europe, the highest speed it achieves in a group flight.

Author: Paulina

8. Common swift can fly at speeds of up to 200km / h.

9. Common swift in the breeding period consists of 2-3 eggs at two-day intervals.

10. In Poland, swifts are encountered from the end of April to mid-October

11. The young Swifts leave the nest after 45 days.

12. Swifts have the ability to hibernate.

Author: Alicja

13. Swifts are ready to leave the nest when the length of their aves exceeds 16cm.

14. Swifts are only landing to build a nest and feed the young.

15. Common swift has a very small beak, about 1 cm. The same is also his legs.

Author: Mariusz


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How old does Common swift Normal live?

Swifts live to 20 years.

Answer: Paulina

How much does Swift Sword weigh?

Common swift Ordinary weighs approx. 31-52 g

Answer: Paulina

What is the length of Common swift Ordinary?

Common swift Ordinary is about 16 cm long.

Answer: Paulina

What is Common swift Ordinary living at?

The Common Swift is feeding on insects.

Answer: Paulina

When does the chick see?

Swift chicks open their eyes about 10 days after hatching.

Answer: Mariusz

If Swifts can fly 3 years without a break, how do they sleep?

They rise to very high heights (sometimes over 3,000 meters) and cut off short naps soaring through the air.

Answer: Mariusz