Opiliones facts


1. The scientific name is Opiliones.

2. Opiliones belong to the group of arachnids.

3. Over 6.6 thousand species are known (31 in Poland).

Author: AC

4. Despite his small body, has very long and thin legs with a span of up to 16 cm.

5. The mower is the most popular in Poland. Its leg span reaches up to 5 cm.

6. Opiliones is carnivorous.

7. Female scythes are larger than males.

Author: Marta

8. A fossilized male in a rock dating back 400 million years was found in Scotland.

Author: Tomek

9. When the cutter loses his leg, it can vibrate even for more than an hour.

10. Opiliones have only one pair of eyes.

Author: ATomeK

11. There is a myth that the driver is the most venomous animal in the world, but they have too short fangs to pierce human skin.

Author: LM


Opiliones questions

What do the drivers live on?

Eat invertebrates with soft body shells (caterpillars, aphids, snails, mites, spiders and other makers).

Answer: Marta

Where are the cutters?

You can meet them on every continent except Antarctica.

Answer: Marta

Is it true that the groom is the most venomous animal in the world?

This is not true, none of the known species of carnivore has venom glands.

Answer: Marta

Can a groomer bite a man?

Cadets are not able to penetrate human skin.

Answer: Marta