The woodpecker is a species of medium-sized bird in the woodpecker family.

More than 180 species of woodpeckers are known.

Woodpecker interesting facts

1. The tongue of the woodpecker is 10 cm long.

2. A woodpecker can hit its beak at a speed of 100 times per minute.

3. Large species of animals live longer, in captivity for over 30 years.

4. It performs over 12,000 beats during the day.

5. Woodpeckers use the tail as their third leg. It helps them maintain balance.

6. They don’t have vocal cords. They communicate with each other by hitting their beak against hard surfaces.

7. All species of woodpeckers fly the same. After 3 flashes of the wings, it glides freely.

8. One month after hatching, the woodpecker becomes independent and leaves the nest.

9. Woodpeckers are monogamous.

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Where are woodpeckers found?

Woodpeckers can be found all over the world with the exception of Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, New Guinea and the Polar Regions.

Answer: Mati

How many woodpeckers live?

Depending on the species, they live from 4 to even 30 years.

Answer: Mati

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