Bostonka is called hand, foot and mouth syndrome or Coxackie infection, an extremely contagious disease caused by the Boston virus.

Bostonka interesting facts

1. Bostonka is divided into four stages of the disease.

2. The first latent phase of Boston usually takes 3 to 5 days and is asymptomatic. This is the time when the disease breeds and the virus enters the lymphatic system.

3. The second prodromal phase of Boston during 2-3 days may include fever, chills, malaise, swollen lymph nodes, and angina-like symptoms.

4. The third phase of Boston proper lasts about 3 days. At this time, papular or maculo-vesicular rash appears on the surface of the hands, feet, mouth, and sometimes in the gap between the buttocks. The skin lesions are small – up to 5 mm in diameter, salmon-colored, may be tender and cause discomfort, but are unlikely to be itching or burning.

5. The last phase of Boston is healing, which can take up to 11 weeks, and begins with skin and mucosal changes. In this phase, the epidermis of the palmar and plantar surfaces of the feet, described in some cases, may be thickly flaked.

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6. The vaccine against (Boston) enterovirus 71 was approved in China in 2015, but is currently not available in Europe.

7. Nails may come off the Boston.

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Bostonka questions and answers

How do you recognize a Boston bastard?

Bostonka is a disease of the hands, feet and mouth. A rash appears in these places.

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How can I get infected with Boston?

You can get infected with Boston through contact with a sick person. It is best to avoid contact with sick people. Take care of hand hygiene.

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How much can a person with Boston say infectiously?

A person suffering from Bostonitis can become contagious until the end of the skin healing process.

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What are the complications of Boston?

The course of most infections is mild and uneventful.

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What medications for Boston?

There is no cure for Boston. You can relieve medication only from itching and take painkillers / antipyretics as needed. Baths in potassium permanganate are also recommended.

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