The bone marrow is a strongly supplied, soft tissue with a spongy consistency.

It is located inside the marrow cavities of long bones and within the spongy bone.

Bone marrow interesting facts

1. In birds and mammals, the bone marrow produces new blood cells or hematopoiesis.

2. An adult weighing about 70 kg has about 3.5 kg of bone marrow.

3. Babies have red bone marrow, which transforms into yellow bone marrow with age.

4. The bone marrow produces around 500 billion blood cells daily.

5. Animal-derived bone marrow has been consumed worldwide for thousands of years.

6. In 2014, scientists discovered traces of bone marrow in fish fossils dating back 370 million years.

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Bone marrow questions and answers

What diseases are associated with bone marrow pathology?

Anemia, thrombocytopenia, myelodysplastic syndromes, multiple myeloma, protein cell disorders, pancytopenia.

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Where is the most bone marrow in an adult?

In the vertebrae, ribs, sternum and pelvis.

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When is a bone marrow transplant performed?

Bone marrow transplantation can save lives during severe bone marrow diseases, some malignant neoplasms such as leukemia.

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A bone marrow transplant is safe?

Bone marrow transplantation carries the risk of various complications, e.g. infection, decreased platelets and red blood cells, fluid retention, organ damage, transplant rejection, and graft versus host disease. A person donating bone marrow after surgery may feel weak and sore for several days.

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