The brain is an organ of the central nervous system.

It is the central control point for all organs.

It is located in the head, close to important sense organs such as sight.

All vertebrates and most invertebrates have the brain.

Brain interesting facts

1. The brain is the most complex organ.

2. The human cortex contains from 15 to even 33 billion neurons.

3. About 85% of the brain consists of water.

4. On average, mammals have 2 times larger brains than birds of similar size and 10 times larger than reptiles.

5. The weight of the human brain is on average 1.5 kg.

6. The French writer Anatole France had a brain weighing only 1kg, which did not prevent him from winning the literary Nobel Prize.

7. The human brain makes millions of operations per second. Information processing occurs at 2.2 billion megaflops.

8. From a biological point of view, most people aged 18-22 do not have enough brain to think of as a mature person.

9. The human brain develops to about 25 years of age.

10. After 30 years of age, slow brain degradation begins.

11. During pregnancy, the woman’s brain decreases. After birth, it slowly returns to previous sizes.

12. There are ongoing work at the University of Southern California on the brain implant that will increase the memory performance of people by up to 30%.

13. Researchers at the University of Wits in Johannesburg are working on the possibility of connecting the brain with a computer.

14. There are plans to create a virtual brain with mapped all neuron connections. At the moment there is no computer that would have such computing power.

15. About 40% of people after a drunken party have gaps in memory, so-called a broken movie.

16. If someone breaks a movie at a party at least once, it is a signal that this situation may happen again.

17. When the brain is hypoxic, it begins to create its own visions – hallucinations.

18. Hallucinations associated with too low oxygenation of the brain can begin at an altitude of 2,400 m above sea level.

19. The people of the tribes in Papua New Guinea ate the brains of deceased loved ones so that they would not lose their bonds with them.

20. The woman’s voice is processed by the area of ​​the brain responsible for the interpretation of music.

21. Michelle Philpots in 1994, as a result of brain damage during a car accident, lost the ability to save new memories. She thinks she lives in 1994 all the time.

22. The average person’s brain can only remember about 20% of the information we received during the day.

23. There is the Avatar project, financed by the Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskova, who assumes that by 2045 he has succeeded in copying the human brain to the disk, along with memories, consciousness, personality, which will give people immortality.

24. When watching movies while eating, the brain does not focus on food intake, which makes us start feeling hungry.

25. The average human brain contains over 100 trillion connections.

26. When we scratch the brain releases serotonin, which increases the itching sensation.

27. Prolonged being in space, by cosmic rays, can lead to brain damage, impaired cognitive ability.

28. Alcohol consumed in a small amount, about 0.07 per mille in the blood, improves brain function, increases creativity.

29. The brain of those in love releases neurotransmitters and hormones, the same as after taking amphetamine.

30. The human brain is not able to react faster to the sound heard than in 0.1 seconds.

31. Regular reading of books increases the efficiency of the brain and delays its “aging”.

32. The capacity of the average adult brain is estimated at over 250 billion GB.

33. After death, the brain works for about 25 seconds.

34. The brain interprets the tickling as much as if it was bugs.

35. Ignoring the person close to us, the brain receives the same as physical pain.

36. When you are working, stay in a bright room. Light stimulates the brain to more intense action. Interestingly, it works even in blind people.

37. The brain does not have any nerve receptors, so it does not feel pain.

38. When we look at a person smiling our brain produces endorphins, dopamine and serotonine, happiness hormones. It works even when the smile is fake.

39. The brain perceives the movement of people who annoy us as slower than normal.

40. After removing from the brain the so-called Almond body, we will stop feeling fear.

41. Long-term migraines can lead to brain damage.

42. When listening to complicated things, the brain can then weaken the eyes for a short time.

43. A person with damaged blood vessels in the brain has a problem with the cessation of 20 seconds on one leg.

44. The smell of rosemary improves the brain.

45. Einstein’s brain weighed 1.23 kg. With an average male brain of 1.375 kg, this is not an impressive result.

46. The brain uses about 20% of the energy and oxygen that the body produces.

47. The explanation of Einstein’s genius may be that he had both brain hemispheres connected with each other very well.

48. After the heart stops, the brain for as long as 10 minutes exhibits similar activity as during deep sleep.

49. Modern man has a smaller brain than the Neanderthal.

50. Lobsters have a brain placed in the esophagus.

51. The brain has a jelly-like consistency.

52. After the surgery to remove part of the brain, the rest moves to the empty space.

53. After the brain surgery, when, for example, the right part of the brain was cut, the brain “forgets” the left side of the body. Therefore, people after such operations are paralyzed and they get to work for a long time.

54. The human brain can remember an average of 5,000 faces.

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Does bitter chocolate improve brain work?

Bitter chocolate contains pirazine, which stimulates the brain to perform better. It improves concentration, reaction time, memory.

Answer: Asia

Is it true that the brain remembers more negative things than positive ones?

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What is the breaking of movies? Why do we forget what happened?

After consuming a large amount of alcohol in a large number of people, memories disappear, because the brain has not stored them in long-term memory.

Answer: Hera

Why do not we remember how we were babies?

Because a small child does not have enough brain to have so-called self-awareness (a small child does not realize that “I” is just “I”). A small child’s brain can absorb a lot of information at a very fast pace, and the storage of memories is pushed into the background.

Answer: Hera

Why during the pregnancy the woman’s brain diminishes?

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Is the “deja vu” phenomenon a brain error?

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The brain is the first organ that arises in the fetus?

No, the first body is the heart. If he does not have a brain yet, he wonders what gives him the impulse to start beating.

Answer: Lidka

Is it true that alcohol kills brain cells?

Alcohol does not destroy brain cells, only dendrites responsible for transferring signals obtained from neurons, and sometimes it can even change the structure of neurons.

Answer: Lidka

Does the size of the brain affect intelligence?

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Is it true that we use only 10% of our brain?

Not true, every part of the brain is responsible for some function. One part of the brain works once more at a higher speed, the second time, but the other parts are in full readiness all the time. Even when you sleep, practically the whole brain is working.

Answer: Lidka

What is the “Google Effect”?

The effect of Google is that the brain often does not remember simple things, which can be easily found again, for example with the help of google search engine.

Answer: Lidka

Why do many people die without moving under the influence of unexpected accidents?

Aż 70% osób dotyczy ten problem. Spowodowany jest tym, że mózg nie nadąża przeanalizować wszystkich zaistniałych wydarzeń i się “zawiesza”.

Answer: Lidka

What is sleep paralysis caused by?

Nie wiadomo dokładnie co powoduje paraliż senny. Dopada on najczęściej osoby poddane długotrwałemu stresowi, oraz uzależnione od alkoholu, narkotyków (tak mi się przynajmniej wydaje 🙂 )

Answer: Kasia

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