The larynx is the upper respiratory tract in mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

Connects the throat to the trachea.

Used to emit sound or protect the respiratory system.

Larynx interesting facts

1. The larynx is often called the vocal cords. Responsible for making sound in humans.

2. Thanks to the larynx, no food particles enter the lungs. Causes a cough.

3. Alcohol abuse and frequent smoking can lead to larynx cancer.

4. In 1998, the first laryngeal transplant took place at the Cleveland clinic.

5. With age, the larynx decreases its location.

6. Man speaks at a frequency of 65 to 260 Hz.

7. Tim Storms from Missouri made his way to the Guinness Book of Records after he made a sound at just 0.189 Hz.

8. Whispering strains our strings more than normal, quiet speech.

9. Men can make uninterrupted uniform sound for longer than women – 20 seconds (women 15 seconds and children 10 seconds).

10. The mother’s voice releases oxytocin in the infant, which has a calming effect.

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What is the size of the human larynx?

The human larynx is 4 to 6 cm long.

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What is the shape of the human larynx?

It looks like an inverted, three-sided pyramid with truncated and rounded tops.

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How is the sound created in the larynx?

As air passes through the vocal cords, it vibrates and creates a sound wave in the throat, nose and mouth.

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