The hyena is a large predatory mammal belonging to the hyena family.

Hyena interesting facts

1. Only 4 species of animals belonging to the hyena family are known. It is one of the smallest mammalian families.

2. Looking at the structure and behavior of hyenas, it is hard to say whether they are closer to dogs or cats.

3. Hyenas are viewed poorly in most cultures. Believed that they could influence human behavior, they were also blamed for thefts of animals and children.

4. The body of hyenas is used in traditional African medicine.

5. The first hyenas appeared in Eurasia 22 million years ago. They looked like an African civet.

6. 5 million years ago, the “bone crush” hyenas were the dominant scavengers in Eurasia. They weighed over 200 kg and had such a strong jaw grip that they were able to split the elephant’s bones without any problems.

7. Females of the largest modern species of hyenas (spotted crocats) are much larger and heavier than the males.

8. A herd of hyenas can consist of up to 80 individuals.

9. A large group of hyenas together can hunt an adult African buffalo or a young hippo.

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Hyena questions and answers

Where are the hyenas found?

Hyenas are now found in Africa (south of the Sahara), Asia Minor, Pakistan and India.

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How big are hyenas?

Body length: from 90 cm to 170 cm,
length of the tail: from 20 to 40 cm,
height at the sausage: from 70 to 90 cm.

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How much do hyenas weigh?

The weight of hyenas ranges from 40 to even 90 kg.

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What do hyenas eat?

Hyenas feed on all the ungulates they can hunt. They are also scavengers.

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