Jaguar is a species of mammal that belongs to the subfamily of panthers, the genus leopard.

Jaguar interesting facts

1. When hunting, jaguars usually travel about 10 km.

2. Jaguars are considered the third largest cats in the world. Only lions and tigers are bigger.

3. Jaguars feel very comfortable in the water. They can swim perfectly.

4. It is the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere.

5. Brazil has the highest number of jaguars (more than half of the world’s population).

6. About 170,000 jaguars live in the wild.

7. Jaguars can be found in the Amazon and Pantanal rainforests, in tropical wetlands.

8. The melanistic jaguar is almost all black. It is called “black panther”.

9. The roar of a jaguar resembles the sound of sawing wood.

10. The Jaguar has a jaw so tight that it can easily chew through the shell of a turtle.

11. A jaguar’s pregnancy is approximately 14 weeks. Most often, 2 cubs are born.

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Jaguar questions and answers

Where did the name ‘jaguar’ come from?

It comes from the root word “yaguar” which means “one who kills in one leap”.

Answer: Marta

How does a jaguar hunt?

It slowly sneaks up to the victim and, when it is close enough, jumps on it, biting its neck. He kills small game with a paw strike.

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What kind of jaguar has natural enemies?

He must be afraid of crocodiles and green anaconda the most.

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How much does a jaguar weigh?

An adult male weighs up to 120 kg.

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How big is a jaguar?

Its body length is 170 cm + its tail is 80 cm.

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How Much Does a Jaguar Live?

12-15 years in the wild.

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Where is the jaguar?

Jaguars can be found in areas from the southwestern United States to the northern part of Argentina.

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What do jaguars eat?

The jaguar eats whatever it catches (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish).

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How to distinguish a jaguar from a leopard?

The Jaguar has a larger, rounded head and shorter legs. Their spots are also different.

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