Dark matter is an unexplored material that does not emit electromagnetic radiation.

Dark matter interesting facts

1. The universe consists of 23% of dark matter.

2. The first to talk about the existence of dark matter in 1933 was Fritz Zwicky, a Swiss-American scientist.

3. Thanks to black matter, the universe can expand indefinitely.

4. At first, it was thought that black matter is very heavy, now just the opposite. It is believed that it is extremely light.

5. Albert Einstein called the black matter a cosmic constant. Although he took it into account in his theory of relativity, he ultimately found it absurd.

6. Dark matter curves light rays (gravitational lensing). This allows the telescope to view distant galaxies through the telescope.

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What is dark matter?

Research on the answer to this question is underway. Specially for this purpose, a machine was built, which is able to capture several thousand times the smallest particles.

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Why exactly “dark” matter?

Because it does not emit any electromagnetic radiation.

Answer: Beny

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