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Last update : 11 February 2019

Burundi information

Burundi is a country without access to the sea located in East Africa.

Capital : Bujumbura
Language :  Kirundi, French
Currency :  Burundian franc
Population : 10 114 505
Area : 27 834 km2

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Burundi facts

1. Independence from Belgium on July 1, 1962.
2. The population density is 379 people / km2.
3. The country is 11 times smaller than Poland.
4. The main religion is Catholicism – 57%.
5. The highest peak is Heha, 2685 m.
6. The longest river is Ruvubu.
7. Full name of the country – Republic of Burundi.
8. Political system – republic.
9. Motto – “Unity, work, progress”.

11. Burundi’s natural resources include uranium, rare-earth oxides, nickel, copper, vanadium, tungsten, limestone, gold, tin, niobium and tantalum.

12. Locals believe that a girl can lose her virginity, which is necessary for marriage, from riding a bicycle. In turn, ladies who have settled the problem of virginity, do not want to learn to ride a bike, so it became known that the bike is only a male toy.

13. The cat is considered to be the deceiving fortuneteller (the color does not matter) and the tearing of bananas just before you.

Author: Paulina

14. In this country lives a crocodile named Gustav, who according to the authorities of Burundi killed over 300 people.

Author: Teresa

15. In this country there is no minimum wage.

16. The amount of income tax in Burundi is 35%.

Author: Daria

17. In Burundi, an average adult consumes about 9.3 liters of pure alcohol a year.

18. The most beer is beer – 24.9%, spirit – 0.1%, and other alcoholic beverages – 75%.

Author: AlkoWorld

19. The beginning of education begins at the age of 7.

20. The average IQ level is 69.

Author: EduKacJa

21. In this country there are 14.4% of people above 15 years of age who can not read or write (approximately 1 414 631 people).

Author: Reebeka

22. In 2010, 1,788 people lost their lives as a result of traffic accidents.

Author: AutoMania

23. 63% of the population suffer from malnourishment (around 6 190,000 people).

24. 92.2% of the population live on less than 3 $a day.

Author: Durga

25. In this country there are over 12 322 km of paved roads (0.02% of all roads in the world).

26. In this country there are 7 airports, 1 with paved surface.

Author: Marlène

27. In this country, over 526,000 (2015) 617 116 (2018) people have access to the internet ( around 06% of the population).

Author: NET

28. Around 340,000 (2015) 450,000 (2018) accounts on Facebook.

Author: NET

29. The country’s top-level domain is .bi ​​. There are over 1 950 websites with such an extension.

30. The most popular pages with the extension .bi ​​ are: domain.bi, google.bi and tiagofischer.bi.

Author: http

31. The country has over $317,000,000 in foreign exchange reserves (0.0027% of foreign currency reserves of all countries in the world).

Author: Vinamra

32. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …
      – in 2015 the year is $3,314,000,000 ,
      – in 2018 the year is $3,480,000,000 .

33. Internal debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 year was 14.2% GDP, or around: $470 588 000 ,
      – 2018 year was 14.4% GDP, or around: $501 120,000 . To pay it off, each citizen would have to give about $51.

Author: Komornik

34. Foreign debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 the year was around: $700 800 000 ,
      – 2018 of the year is around: $449,000,000 .

Author: Komornik

35. In this country an adult person smokes an average of 11 cigarettes a month.

Author: VViki

36. The lowest temperature: 0 °C was measured at Nyamuswaga.

37. The highest temperature: 37.5 °C was measured in Mparambo.

Author: weather

38. The most deadly disease in this country is HIV / AIDS.

Author: medi

39. The average life expectancy in this country is 48.8 years (women – 50.1 years and men – 47.5 years).

Author: Wilga

40. In this country, women having their first child on average 21.3 years old.

41. 10 women give birth to 61 children on average

Author: Nadia

42. The average age people living in this country is 17 years old.

43. The country is around:
4 616 000 people (45.64%) in the age range 0-14 years.
5 243 000 people (51.84%) in the age range 15-64 years.
254 900 people (2.52%) over 65 years old.

44. In this country, about 425,000 children are born each year (4.2% of the population), and about 93 800 people die (0.9% of the population).

Author: Sara19

45. The lowest situated place in the country is Lake Tanganyika – 772 m above sea level.

Author: Klemens

46. In March 2014, President Pierre Nkurunziza banned running in groups.

Author: Luiza

47. In Burundi there are 22200 km2 of agricultural land (86% of the country’s area).

48. 12 people out of 1000 possess firearms.

49. Muramvya is the highest located city in the country.

50. In this country, women have the right to vote since 1961.

51. In this country, formalities related to the establishment of the company last 43 days.

52. He joined the United Nations on September 18, 1962.

53. The work week is 40 hours.

54. 10% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

55. 1336 km2 of the country is covered by forests (5.2%)

56. The last death penalty was made in 2000.

Author: Marlène

57. In addition to Kirundi and French, many residents speak Swahili.

Author: Robert

58. The unemployment rate is 7.7% (data from 2018).

Author: Daria

59. In this country, the amount of income tax for individuals is 35%, and for companies 35% (2018).

60. The tax on goods and services is 18% (2018).

61. The level of inflation in 2018 is -0.4%.

Author: Komornik

62. Burundi has 30 kg of gold reserves (2018).

Author: Vinamra

What is the highest peak in Burundi?
The highest peak in Burundi is Heha (2684 m above sea level).

answer: Marta

What is the largest river in Burundi?
The largest river in Burundi is Ruvubu.

answer: Marta

What is the largest lake in Burundi?
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What is the national dish?
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What Burundi has national colors?
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What is national alcohol?
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What is the national animal?
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What is the national sport?
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Which countries borders Burundi?
Burundi borders with such countries as: Democratic Congo 233 km, Rwanda 290 km, Tanzania 451 km.

answer: Marta

What is the average age of people living in this country?
The average age people living in this country is 17 years old.

answer: Marta

What is the minimum wage?
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What is the population density in Burundi?
The population density is 394 people per km2.

answer: Marta

What is the motto of this country?
Motto – “Unity, work, progress”.

answer: Marta

What is the highest temperature recorded in this country?
The highest temperature: 37.5 ° C was measured in Mparambo.

answer: Marta

What is the lowest temperature recorded in this country?
The lowest temperature: 0 ° C was measured at Nyamuswaga.

answer: Marta

With how many years can you legally buy alcohol?
In this country, alcohol can be bought at the age of 18.

answer: Marta