Father’s Day

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Father’s Day information

Father’s Day in Poland is celebrated from 1965 – June 23.

Father's Day facts

Father’s Day facts

1. In Poland, Father’s Day is celebrated on June 23 from 1965.

2. In some countries, ie Italy, Spain, Portugal, celebrations fall on March 19th (St. Joseph’s Day).

3. In Germany, Father’s Day turned into a Man’s Day. It is celebrated on the Day of the Ascension of the Lord, which falls on day 39 after Easter Sunday.

4. In Russia, Father’s Day is celebrated on February 23.

5. In Denmark, the Father’s Day is celebrated on the same day as the Constitution Day – June 5.

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6. On June 23, Father’s Day celebrates only in Poland and Nicaragua.

7. In most countries around the world Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

8. In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of King Bhumibol on December 5.

9. In Australia, “Best Father of the Year” is chosen annually.

10. In China, Father’s Day is celebrated on August 8, because eight sounds like ba, 8 months, 8 days (ba, ba) sounds like the common term “dad” – ba-ba.

11. In Estonia, the Father’s Day is on the second Sunday of November during the national holiday – Flag Day.

12. In India, Father’s Day celebrations were accepted only in large cities.

13. In Latvia, Father’s Day is celebrated only from 2008 – September 14.

14. In the Netherlands, according to tradition, fathers get breakfast in bed and take their children to their fathers for supper.

15. Romania is the only country in the European Union where the Father’s Day was officially recognized by the State. The second Sunday of May is a day off work.

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Father’s Day questions

Who, where and when started the celebration of the Father's Day?
The Father’s Day story goes back to June 19, 1910. On this day in the United States in Spokane town Father’s Day was started thanks to Sonorze Smart Dodd. She came up with the idea to commemorate her fathers when she learned about the existence of Mother’s Day. It was especially important to her because she wanted to commemorate and care for her family, when her and her five siblings raised their father alone – William Smart, an American Civil War veteran. She proposed the date of June 5 due to the fact that it was her father’s birthday, but the councilors accepted the third Sunday in June as the holiday. President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed Father’s Day a public holiday in 1966, while eight years later he was officially celebrated on a date determined by councilors.

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What gift for Father's Day?
Nothing touches the Father as much as sincere thanks for the effort of education, for patience and moments spent together. Hand-made little thing by children, will give more joy than expensive gift. Small socks, ties, health supplements are popular with small presents.

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Why is Father's Day in Poland celebrated only from 1965?
In earlier years, the role of the father in raising children was underestimated. This was caused by the fact that the situation prevailing in the country forced men to fight for the country, many unjustly sentenced prisoners spent many years in prisons, which resulted in the fact that women raised their children alone. After World War II, fathers had the opportunity to play a greater role in creating a family and they deserved it their day of the year.

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How is Father's Day in Poland?
The youngest children make cards, in kindergartens and the beginning primary school classes there are organized so-called theater, to which fathers are invited. Older children make wishes, spend time together and give small gifts.

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