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Halloween information

Halloween is celebrated on October 31.

He begins Triduum in honor of the dead.

It is a popular holiday in many countries around the world, during which, among other things, people outdo each other in ideas how to scare the other person.

Halloween facts

Halloween facts

1. Halloween is just after Christmas the most popular holiday in the world.

2. Originally, outside the celebration of the deceased in Halloween, the summer was said goodbye and winter was welcomed.

3. On this day, the witches, in the company of black cats, foretold the future.

4. In 1937, the city of Anoka became the world capital of Halloween.

5. In Ireland, the rule is that after November 1, wild fruit is not collected because it can be poisoned.

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6. In some places around the world, people believe that the dead can appear in the form of spiders.

7. Originally horrible faces were sculpted not in pumpkin, but in turnips.

8. In 2020, October 31 will be full moon.

9. According to old superstitions, if the bachelor looks in the mirror at midnight that day, he will see his future wife.

10. The word Halloween appeared in the dictionary in 1700.

11. Halloween is called the eve of All Saints.

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12. The beginnings of Halloween come from the Celtic festival dedicated to the dead (Samhain). It was believed that ghosts of the dead return in the winter and wander here.

13. It is said that poor children walked from door to door asking for money, but rich children also joined in the fun.

14. On this day, you jump over a circle shaped candle. Those that go out symbolize unlucky months in the following year.

15. The main symbol is a glowing pumpkin in which the bared face of the legendary Jack O’Lanterna, who cheated the devil, was cut out.

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16. In Poland, Halloween appeared in the early 90-ies.

17. It is celebrated in America, Ireland, Scotland, England and Canada.

18. It is customary to dress up in ghost costumes, vampires, witches, and other horrible characters. Children go around the houses collecting sweets.

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Halloween questions

Where did the habit of scaring?
It was believed that on this day the boundaries between the world of living and dead people were blurred. For fear of evil spirits, various disgusting disguises were put on to deter them.

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What does the word Halloween mean?
This is the abbreviation of the sentence “All Hallows’ E’en” which meant – Eve of All Saints.

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What does Halloween look like in Poland?
In Poland, various events are held in a climate of horror. In some schools, children come dressed up as scary movie characters. It is more and more often that children model themselves on American fun, go from house to house and collect sweets.

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Why does the Roman Catholic Church condemn Halloween?
Because the night from October 31 to November 1 is an important day in the Church of Satan. The Roman Catholic church considers this to be the worship of Satan.

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Why is Halloween on October 31?
Because the Celtic celebration of the harvest and the end of the Celtic year took place on October 31, and Halloween is associated with this tradition.

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Why is the pumpkin a symbol of halloween?
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