A bicycle is a single or multi-track vehicle powered by muscles.

The first bicycle prototype was built by the French Count Mède de Sivrac in 1790. It was impossible to twist it.

The German inventor Karl Drais is considered to be the founder of the modern bicycle. You rode pushing your feet off the ground. This vehicle was patented in 1818.

Bicycle interesting facts

1. Welocyped and bicycle are the original names for the bicycle.

2. The most popular are two-wheeled, leg-powered bikes.

3. For older elderly people, there are special tricycles with a comfortable seat.

4. Handbike is a bicycle for the disabled. It is powered by hands.

5. The two-seater version of the bike is called a tandem.

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6. Circus performers often use a unicycle for various tricks.

7. The best bike for long journeys is a trekking bike. It is comfortable to travel even with heavy luggage.

8. As for the mountains it’s only on a mountain bike that has thick tires, shock absorbers and a sturdy frame.

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9. Road bikes are the fastest bikes. Cyclists ride them.

10. A road bike to take part in competitions must not weigh less than 6.8 kg.

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11. In 2011, Fairwheel Bikes from Tucson, Arizona (USA) created the lightest bike in the world. Its weight is only 2.7 kg. It costs over $ 40,000.

12. In Australia, in 2015, 20 people covered a distance of 100 meters on a 42-meter “bike”.

13. Cuban Felix Guirola created the tallest two-wheeled bicycle in the world. It was 5.5 meters high.

14. Neville Patten from Australia, on March 25, 1988, rode 4 meters on the world’s smallest bike. It had wheels with a diameter of 1.9 cm.

15. The biggest bike in the world was made by Didi Senft from Germany. It was 3.7 m high and 7.8 m long.

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16. In Poland, a person aged 10-17 must have a bicycle license to ride a bicycle.

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17. Until 1954, bicycle registration plates were mandatory in Poland.

18. Agnieszka Korpal from Szczecinek was the first to climb all the highest peaks of the Polish mountain ranges by bike.

19. Grzegorz Leszek from Jelenia Góra climbed 28 Polish peaks in 76 hours by bike.

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20. A cyclist’s legs produce approximately 500W of power (0.68hp).

21. Sebastiaan Bowier on a specially constructed bicycle, on September 14, 2013, set a record speed on flat terrain. He accelerated the bike to a speed of 133.78 km/h.

22. Francois Gissy on a bicycle powered by hydrogen peroxide, accelerated to 333 km/h.

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Bicycle questions and answers

Where did the Polish name ‘bicycle’ come from?

This name comes from the British company “Rover”, which produced bicycles.

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