People with autism spectrum have big problems in terms of social and communication relations.

Autism interesting facts

1. Not every autistic person is intellectually disabled. There are also light forms that can never be diagnosed.

2. The Kanner syndrome (the most severe form of autism) was first described in 1943 by the Austrian-American psychiatrist Leo Kanner.

3. Asperger Syndrome (above-average intelligence) was first described by the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger in 1944.

4. About 70 million people suffer from autism in the world. About 30,000 in Poland.

5. Researchers say that the child may have an autistic influence on autism (+40 years).

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Can you cure autism?

Currently, there is no cure for autism. Modern medicine is only able to suppress symptoms.

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We know why it comes to autism?

Research on the answer to this question is underway. Currently, the causes of autism are unknown.

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How can you diagnose autism?

The most effective method is to closely observe the patient’s behavior.

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What is the Kanner Team?

This is the condition in which the patient has the most common symptoms of autism. Such a person needs a guardian all the time. Usually, it’s hard for people with intellectual disabilities.

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What is Asperger Syndrome?

It is a form of autism that manifests itself with exceptional mental abilities and often above average intelligence.

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What is the Rett Syndrome?

There is a type of autism that only affects women. The patient has disabled hands, abnormally twists, and has a reflexes to show tongue and drool. Symptoms appear as early as 1 year of life.


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