The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite.

It is estimated that it was created about 4.6 billion years ago.

The diameter of the moon is 3,476 km.

Moon interesting facts

1. The moon is the fifth-largest natural satellite in the solar system.

2. The first unmanned mission to fly to the moon took place in 1959.

3. The first manned mission of the flight at Ksężyce took place in 1969.

4. The moon is not perfectly round, it has the shape of an egg.

5. The meter below the surface of the moon is constant at around -30 ° C.

6. Harrison Schmidt and Eugene Cernan during the last manned mission to the Moon on December 17, 1972, spent a record 72 hours on the Moon (22 hours walking on its surface).

7. The Apollo 11 mission landed on the moon just 66 years after the first successful flight of the aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers.

8. The full moon is exactly 14 days and 19 hours after the new moon.

9. Citizens of Norway can not eat raw bacon during the full moon.

10. During the full moon it is harder to fall asleep. On average, it goes 5 minutes later than on a normal day. Also, you sleep for an average of 20 minutes on average.

11. In June 2014, the full moon fell on Friday the thirteenth. Another such situation will take place only in 2049.

12. Once every 2.5 years the blue full moon takes place. It can be observed in January 2018.

13. The full moon is 500,000 times darker than the Sun.

14. In 1883 the Krakatau volcano erupted with the force of about 200 megatons of TNT, throwing out 45 cubic kilometers of dust that covered 70% of the Earth’s surface. For 3 years, the Moon had a blue tinge.

15. On the surface of the moon stood 12 people.

16. TVP was the only TV station in the Eastern Bloc that broadcast live on July 20, 1969, landing on the moon crew of Apollo 11.

17. US and USSR in 1967 signed an agreement not to send nuclear weapons to the moon.

18. Gravity of the Moon is responsible for the tides and outflows of the oceans.

19. The moon circles the Earth in about 29.5 days.

20. The flag pounded on the moon was purchased at the Sears store for $ 5.5.

21. By 2030, the Russians plan to send people to the Moon in order to build cosmic bases.

22. 45% of the moon rocks consist of oxygen and there is water at the poles.

23. The moon is better explored than the depths of Earth’s oceans.

24. The maiden name of Buzza Aldrin’s mother, one of the first people who stood on the moon, was Moon – “Moon”.

25. The Japanese Space Agency discovered a large cave on the Moon that could be used in the future to build a moon base.

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What was the name of the first spaceship that landed on the moon?

The ship was called Luna. He landed on the moon in 1959.

Answer: Paulina

What is the temperature on the moon?

The temperature on the moon varies from approximately +140 ° C to -190 ° C.

Answer: Paulina

Is the distance from Earth to the Moon always the same?

No, the distance measured from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Moon varies from 356,000 km to 407,000 km.

Answer: Paulina

Is the full moon 2 times brighter than the middle of the moon?

The full moon illuminates the Earth 10 times brighter than the moon half. He is responsible for this phenomenon known to the Seeliger effect. An object with no uneven surface, observed from the direction from which it is illuminated, becomes brighter.

Answer: Teleskop

How was the moon formed?

4.5 billion years ago, Earth collided with the planet Theia, the moon formed from the resulting spatter.

Answer: Teleskop

How is the distance between the Earth and the Moon measured?

Astronauts on the moon left a mirror whose task is to reflect a laser beam sent from Earth. The measurements made are accurate to the millimeter.

Answer: Teleskop

How many people stood on the moon?

Officially 12 people (Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Charles P. Conrad, Alan L. Bean, Alan B. Shepard, Edgar D. Mitchell, David R. Scott, James B. Irwin, John W. Young, Charles M. Duke, Eugene A. Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt). According to conspiracy theories, no one 🙂

Answer: Tomasz

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