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Capital : Vienna
Language :  German
Currency :  Euro
Population : 8 767 919
Area : 83 871  km2

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Austria facts

1. Austria granted sovereignty to the Powers on May 11, 1955.
2. The population density is 100 people / km2.
3. Highest peak Grossglockner, 3798 m above sea level
4. The longest river, Danube, 357 km.
5. Popular sports are football, alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping.
6. The national dish is the Viennese schnitzel.
7. This country is about 4 times smaller than Poland.
8. The full name of the country – the Republic of Austria.
9. The main religion is Catholicism, 68%.

11. About 25% of the Austrian population lives in the capital, Vienna.

12. In this country, in 1818, a sewing machine was invented.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from Austria.

14. Over 60% of electricity is obtained from renewable sources.

Author: Turyst

15. The national flag of Austria is one of the oldest in the world. It comes from 1191.

16. The founder of the Porsche company comes from Austria.

17. In Vienna there is the largest emerald in the world with as much as 2 860 carats.

18. The Habsburg Summer Residence – The Schonbrunn Palace has as many as 1,440 rooms.

19. In Vienna, there is the oldest zoological garden in the world, founded in 1752.

20. In Salzburg, the oldest in the world, still operating inn, was created in 803. It is also the longest-functioning company.

21. The Central Cemetery in Vienna has over 2.5 million graves.

Author: MR

22. Position in the best world army list:
      – 2015 year – 35 place,
      – 2018 year – 60 place.

23. There are over 25,000 professional soldiers and 145,000 reservists (2018).

24. Number of equipment:
      – 2014 year – 160 tanks, 630 armored vehicles, 92 jet aircraft and 65 helicopters,
      – 2018 year – 56 tanks, 393 armored vehicles, 122 jet aircraft and 67 helicopters.

25. Expenses for the army:
      – 2014 year – $3,200,000,000 ,
      – 2018 year – $3,220,000,000 .

Author: Wojak

26. In Austria, there is a village called “Fucking”.

27. The permissible blood alcohol content in a person driving a car is 0.5 promille.

Author: Alfa

28. Austrian border serves have the same powers as the police.

29. On Sundays and holidays, most stores are closed.

Author: Alfa

30. In the village of Serfaus, which has about 1 150 inhabitants, there is a metro line.

Author: Fakty

31. The Austrian Land – Tyrol has the same flag as Poland.

Author: Fakty

32. The longest residential building in the world – the Karl-Marks-Hof with a length of 1,100 meters – was built in Vienna. There are 1 382 apartments in it.

33. In the city of Adelaide, there are streets commemorating Polish cities: Poznan Crescent, Warsaw Drive, Krakow Crescent, Lodz Crescent and Radom Crescent.

Author: Ada

34. In Austria, beer has been created, in which there are electrolytes hydrating the body.

Author: Ada

35. There are no kiosks in Austria. There are places called Tabbak Traffic where you can buy a newspaper, cigarettes, snuff and various often used stationery.

36. Before the Viennese opera, a large screen is displayed, where everyone can watch the live broadcast.

37. According to the Austrian legend, Santa Claus had a bad brother named Krampus, who along with his devil’s horde was looking for bad children to punish them.

38. On December 5, devilish parades called Krampuslauf are organized in which young people dress up as devils.

39. Quantum physicist Erwin Schrödinger, the creator of one of the most famous paradoxes (Schrödinger’s cat), was an Austrian.

40. 70% of Austrian citizens believe in supernatural phenomena.

41. In Vienna, there is a sex academy, after which a special certificate is obtained.

Author: Yassamet 

42. The Vienna newspaper offers hours during which ticket inspections will be carried out on buses.

43. In Portschach, the Bodypaiting world championship (body painting) takes place every year.

44. According to stereotypes, a typical Austrian holds beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

45. Over 75% of juices and drinks are carbonated.

46. The founder of the Red Bull group comes from Salzburg.

47. The Melk Monastery of the Name of the Rose is located in Lower Austria.

48. Die Narrenturn, a five-storey rotunda in Vienna, was a psychiatric hospital in which he tried to cure the sick in a very brutal way. This place was called the “Wariatów Tower”.

49. In Austria, bakeries combined with sofa bars are popular. It was invented by a Pole, Franciszek Trześniewski, over a hundred years ago.

50. The abuse of the name “Vienna” threatens punishment.

Author: Yassamet 

51. Underground corridors of the National Library with a total length of over 1,800 km extend all over Vienna.

52. Werner Faymann, Austrian chancellor, once said: “when the situation is serious, you have to lie.”

Author: Yassamet 

53. There is no minimum amount of earnings imposed by the state. By convention, it amounts to EUR 1,200 per month (data from 2014)

54. The tax-free amount is EUR 11,000.

55. In 2018, the average monthly salary in this country is € 2,600.

56. The amount of income tax in Austria is 25%.

57. Retired women can go at the age of 60, and men at the age of 65.

Author: Daria

58. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 6.9% .

Author: Daria

59. 7 Austrians have accumulated assets greater than one billion US dollars.

60. The richest of them is Dietrich Mateschitz with assets worth over $10.8 billion.

Author: $$$NaBogato$$$

61. In Austria, an average person consumes about 10.3 liters of pure alcohol per year.

62. The national alcohol is Schnapps.

63. The most beer is beer – 50%, then wine – 36%, and spirit – 14%.

Author: AlkoWorld

64. In this country, compulsory education lasts 9 years.

65. The beginning of education begins at the age of 6.

66. The average IQ level is 100.

Author: EduKacJa

67. In this country there are 2% of people above 15 years of age who can not read or write (approximately 173,252 people).

Author: Reebeka

68. The national animal is a swallow bird.

69. The national fruit is an apple.

Author: Kos

70. The change from daylight saving time to winter time (turning clockwise back one hour) is the last Sunday in October.

Author: Adrianna

71. Built-up area allowed speed depending on the area varies from 30 to 50 km / h.

72. In addition to built-up areas, the permitted speed on the regular road is 100 km / h, and on highways from 100 to 130 km / h.

73. In 2013, 455 people lost their lives as a result of road accidents.

74. 6.8% of fatal accidents caused people who were under the influence of alcohol.

75. In this country there are registered over 638500 motor vehicles (737 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants).

Author: AutoMania

76. In this country there are over 124,508 km of paved roads including over 1,719 km of expressways (0.19% of all roads in the world).

77. In this country there are 52 airports, 24 of the paved surface.

78. In this country there are over 6,399 km of railway tracks.

79. In Vienna there is a metro line with a length of 78.5 km (104 stations). It was opened in 1976. Approximately 439 million people use it annually.

Author: Marlène

80. In this country, over 7 135 000 (2015) 7 695 168 (2018) people have access to internet (around 88% of the population).

81. About 3,500,000 (2015) 3,700,000 (2018) accounts on Facebook.

82. The average speed of fixed internet is 11.4 Mb / s, and the maximum speed is 44 Mb / s (data from the end of 2015).

Author: NET

83. The country’s top-level domain is .at . There are over 1 181 090 websites with such an extension.

84. The most popular pages with the extension .at are: google.at, orf.at and derstandard.at.

Author: http

85. This country has 2018 over year $22,969,000,000 in foreign exchange reserves (0.2% of foreign exchange reserves of all countries of the world).

86. Austria has 280000 kg of gold reserves (2018).

Author: Vinamra

87. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …
      – in 2015 the year is $448 084 000 000 ,
      – 2018 is $417,000,000,000 .

Author: Komornik

88. Internal debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 year was 84.5% GDP, or around: $378 630 980,000 ,
      – 2018 of the year was 78.4% GDP, or around: $326,928,000,000 . To pay it off, each citizen would have to give around $37,640.

89. Foreign debt at the beginning …
      – 2014 of the year was around: $820 010,000,000 ,
      – 2018 of the year is around: $658,616,000,000 .

Author: Komornik

90. 21% of adults living in this country are overweight.

Author: Łasuch

91. In this country the average adult person smokes 138 cigarettes a month.

Author: VViki

92. In this country you can vote from the age of 16.

Author: Firina

93. The highest building in the country is Donauturm in Vienna, 252 meters high. Established in 1964.

Author: BobBudowniczy

94. The lowest temperature: -47.1 °C was measured in Grünloch.

95. The highest temperature: 40.5 °C was measured in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

Author: weather

96. The most deadly disease in this country is lung cancer.

Author: medi

97. The average life expectancy in this country is 81.1 years (women – 83.6 years and men – 78.5 years).

Author: Wilga

98. 21 Austrian citizens received the Nobel Prize.

Author: redsun

99. In this country, men and women can get married at the age of 18.

100. In this country, women having their first child on average 28.5 years old.

Author: Nadia

101. 10 women give birth to 15 children on average.

Author: Nadia

102. The average age people living in this country is 43.6 years.

103. The country is around:
1 222 000 people (14.05%) in the age range 0-14 years.
5 831 000 people (67.03%) in the age range 15-64 years.
1 646 000 people (18.92%) who are over 65 years old.

104. In this country, about 81 900 children are born annually (0.9% of the population), and about 82,000 people die (0.9% of the population).

Author: Sara19

105. The lowest located place in the country is Lake Neusiedl – 115 m above sea level.

Author: Klemens

106. The water level in Lake Grüner See rises during the thawing season by 12 meters, creating an amazing windfall for the divers, an underwater park.

107. In Saalfelden, there is a hermitage built on a steep, rocky slope. Since 1664, it has been inhabited by successive hermits who live according to nature, provide advice, and alert the inhabitants of a nearby village when they see a fire.

108. In an Australian emblem, a black eagle in one claw holds a sickle, in the other a hammer, and a torn chain symbolizes liberation from Nazism.

Author: XYX

109. The national anthem is one of four in the world written by a woman, Paul von Preradović.

110. The Polish flag was similar to the current flag of Austria during the existence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

111. The percentage share in the global Austrian economy in 2015 is 0.58% (for comparison, Poland’s share is 0.74%, and the United States – 23.32%).

Author: Setar

112. The Austrian left has set up a box in parliament, to which it puts money every time when they recognize that the right wing “is not true.” Collected money donates to help refugees.

113. The salt mine in Hallstatt has the world’s oldest staircase, more than 3,000 years old.

Author: Zikon

114. In the place where the borders of three countries join together: Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, a symbolically triangular table has been placed.

115. In March 2011, the Swiss Behar Merlaku at the casino slot machines of the Austrian city of Bregenz, won 42 949 672,86 euros. He did not receive any money because it was considered a machine software error. The case ended with a settlement in court. The amount that the Swiss received is unknown.

Author: Miks

116. In 2004, a referendum on the change of the village called “Fucking” was carried out, however, the residents did not agree to change.

117. There was a lot of theft (as a souvenir) by tourists about the entry to the village of Fucking. Currently, it is embedded in the ground.

Author: Wlisa

118. In the third football league of Austrian football there is the FC Polska Wien team, consisting mainly of players with Polish roots.

119. Faroe Islands On September 12, 1990, in their first ever football team match, they won against Austria 1: 0.

120. In the Vienna Prater park, on a small plot of 8 m diameter, fenced with barbed wire, there is a spherical house, built by the artist Edwin Lipburger. In 1976, he announced the creation of an independent Republic called Kugelmugel, but it was not recognized by anyone. This is one of the major tourist attractions.

Author: KAsia

121. Left-sided traffic was valid until September 19, 1938.

Author: AutoMania

122. In this country, a person who is 14 years old is subject to criminal liability.

123. There are 28690 km2 of agricultural land in Austria (35% of the country).

Author: Statyk

124. 304 people in 1000 possess firearms.

125. In this country, you can buy cigarettes from 16 years of age.

126. Obergurgl is the highest located town in the country.

127. In this country, women have the right to vote from 1919.

128. In this country, the formalities associated with setting up a business last for 29 days.

129. He joined the United Nations on December 14, 1955.

130. The work week is 40 hours.

131. 66% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

132. 38716 km2 of the country is covered by forests (47%)

133. The last death penalty was carried out in 1950.

Author: Statyk

134. In this country, the amount of income tax for individuals is 55%, and for companies 25% (2018).

135. The tax on goods and services is 20% (2018).

136. The level of inflation in 2018 is 2.1%.

Author: Fan%

137. In Austria, recycled biogas, called blomethane, is increasingly used to refuel cars. It can be used in any car with CNG drive.

Author: Mika

What is the highest peak in Austria?
Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria (3798 m above sea level).

answer: Marta

What is the largest river in Austria?
The largest river in Austria is the Danube, 357 km.

answer: Marta

What is the largest lake in Austria?
The largest lake in Austria is Lake Constance (area 539 km2) ..

answer: Marta

What is the national dish?
we’re waiting for a response …


Which Austria has national colors?
National colors: red and white.

answer: Marta

What is national alcohol?
The national alcohol is Schnapps.

answer: Marta

What is the national animal?
The national animal is a swallow bird.

answer: Marta

What is the national sport?
The national sport is alpine skiing.

answer: Marta

Which countries borders Austria?
Austria borders on such countries as: Czech Republic 362 km, Germany 784 km, Hungary 366 km, Italy 430 km, Liechtenstein 35 km, Slovakia 91 km, Slovenia 330 km, Switzerland 164 km.

answer: Marta

What is the average age of people living in this country?
The average age people living in this country is 43.6 years.

answer: Marta

What is the minimum wage?
The minimum wage is Australian $ 626.9 per week, and Australian $ 179 per hour (data from 2015).

answer: Marta

What is the population density in Austria?
The population density is 106 people per km2.

answer: Marta

What is the motto of this country?
Motto of the country – “The land of mountains, the country of rivers”.

answer: Marta

What is the highest temperature recorded in this country?
The highest temperature: 40.5 ° C was measured in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

answer: Marta

What is the lowest temperature recorded in this country?
The lowest temperature: -47.1 ° C was measured in Grünloch.

answer: Marta

With how many years can you legally buy alcohol?
In this country, alcohol can be bought at 16-18. Alcohol over 12% from 18 years.

answer: Marta