Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day information

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in honor of Saint. Valentine. It contains traces of Christian and Roman traditions.

They are celebrated on February 14 each year. It is not a day off work or school.

It is considered a day of lovers in which people give their loved ones a gift or Valentine’s card with a declaration of love.

Valentine's Day facts

Valentine’s Day facts

1. In Slovenia, Valentine’s Day is a spring day, good health, patron saint of beekeepers and pilgrims.

2. In Finland and Estonia, this day means “a day of friendship”. Stand out not only to your loved ones, but also to your friends.

3. In Iran on Valentine’s Day, love goes to mothers and wives.

4. In the Philippines, on February 14, the prices of particularly red flowers grow significantly.

5. Spain turned the day into a rose ceremony.

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6. In Japan on Valentine’s Day, women give presents to men in the form of chocolates and all of them in their environment, while on March 14, the so-called. White Day when men are to thank women. It was assumed that the gifts were to have a value two to three times greater than they got.

7. In Saudi Arabia in 2002 and 2008, religious police watched the ban on the sale of Valentine’s articles.

8. The most fascinating Valentine’s gift is in India. This is the Taj Mahal built by the emperor Mughal Shahjahan as a monument to his wife.

9. About 3 percent of people with animals on this day give a gift to their pet.

10. On February 14, many weddings are organized.

11. More than 155 million Valentine’s cards are sent in the United States. Only more Christmas greeting cards are available.

12. The Orthodox Church celebrates Valentine’s Day on July 6 and 30.

13. In Brazil, this is celebrated on June 12.

14. There are eight Saints in the Catholic Church, of which three from February 14.

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15. The symbols of this holiday are red hearts, flowers, cards and amor.

16. In Poland, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the 90’s

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Valentine’s Day questions

Why Saint Walenty is the patron of lovers?
Christians recognize at least three saints named Walenty. The story of one of Saints Waly began when the Roman Emperor Claudius II issued a ban on marriages for young men. He believed that single men were better soldiers. St. Walenty lost his life because he defied his will and gave weddings. The second story is about Valentine, who was executed for helping the persecuted. He sent a letter from his prison with the signature “From Your Valentine”.

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And what about people who are not in a relationship?
People who are not in a relationship receive this day as a brand that stigmatizes their lives. Some people are celebrating anti-aliens on this day together with other lonely ones, for example, partying, getting drunk.

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Why exactly does the red roses give a loved one?
Many people think that K + M + B are the first letters of the names of the Three Kings. This is not true. This entry is derived from the Latin abbreviation CMB or Christus Mansion Benedicat, which means “May Christ bless this house.” This is a very old tradition. Already in the Old Testament, in the Book of Exodus, there is a reference to the Angel of Death who killed the original, avoiding the blood-marked lamb of the door.

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Does the amount of roses matter?
Yes, for example: one rose means love at first sight, 33 means “I love you”, when asking for a partner’s hand, you need as many as 108, and 999 means “we will always be together”.

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Why is Valentine's Day on February 14?
Some believe that the reason was the day of Fertility and Maternity celebrated in ancient Rome on February 14. Others claim that he is celebrating the death of Saint. Valentine, who died that day.

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