Fat Thursday

Last actualisation: April 4, 2019


Fat Thursday information

Fat Thursday is a Christian holiday on the last Thursday before Lent. It announces that the last week of the carnival began.

This year falls on February 8 (2018). It is a moving holiday due to the movability of Easter.

In Poland, this custom was first celebrated in the seventeenth century. It is a tradition for everyone to eat something fat on a fat Thursday.

Fat Thursday facts

Fat Thursday facts

1. Sweet donuts were made only in the sixteenth century, previously baked only spicy and greasy.

2. In Italy, this holiday is called Giovedi Grasso, where, ten days before Lent in the evening, a meal of smoked meat is eaten.

3. In Spain he celebrates eating Bizcocho and Mona cakes.

4. In Germany it is Weiberfastnacht, this day is partly free from work (work ends before noon). The contractual hour to start the celebration is 11:11.

5. In Poland, it is also known as zapusta.

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6. In the past, bacon, bacon and meat were served, and alcohol was not spared.

7. On February 15, 2007, Google placed an occasional logo on the main page of its search engine in the Polish version.

8. In some regions of Poland, crumbs are said to be faworki.

9. Originally, it was the day where the departure of winter and the beginning of spring were celebrated.

10. Regional competitions are organized in donut food, for example, the record holder in eating 10 donuts on time obtained a result of 5 min and 20 seconds, indicating that the food can not be sipped.

11. The donut weighs approximately 50 g and has 200-300 calories.

12. Faworki weigh about 15-20 grams and have 75 calories.

13. In Silesia, the donut is known as a crepe.

14. The specials of this holiday are mainly faworki and donuts. There is even a superstition that if someone on a fat Thursday does not eat a single donut, he will have bad luck in his life.

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15. Already in ancient Rome, the so-called fat day.

16. Donuts from ancient times are nothing like those of today. They were hard balls of bread dough stuffed with bacon.

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Fat Thursday questions

Why is Fat Thursday Thursday?
Fat Thursday is on Thursday because it is 53 days before Easter, where there are 46 days from Popieliec to Wielka Noc including Sundays.

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Where did the tradition of Fat Thursday come from?
In Lesser Poland, it is said about Combrowny Czwartku because on the last day of the carnival on Thursday, the commune administrator died. Combr banned trade on the Krakow market, therefore, on each anniversary of his death, the street vendors organized a grand party here. Earlier on that day, donuts stuffed with bacon were being eaten.

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What is a perfect donut?
Santa Claus, North Pole,

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How to make a donut?
To start with 60 g of yeast with lukewarm milk (about 1/3 of a glass) and with 2 large tablespoons of flour. In a saucepan, give the egg and 6 yolks, a pinch of salt and 1/3 a cup of sugar plus one packet of vanilla sugar. Add to the 600 g of flour summer milk 2/3 glass, whipped protein and the contents of the first bowl and saucepan, everything should be mixed. Add 90g butter and a few drops of alcohol or vinegar. Mix and sprinkle with flour, then make it with your hands. Such a cake must rest around 2 hours. Subsequently, take off the pieces of cake and fill them with what you want: marmalade, chocolate, tofi filling. Then fry in deep oil. Ready donuts can also be sprinkled with anything: powdered sugar, you can make frosting with sprinkles or pour chocolate.

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How to make Faworki?
On the dough, pour half a cup of krupczatka, tortilla and regular flour. Add a few drops of alcohol, three yolks, 1200 g of cream 18% and a large spoon of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix everything, then knead. Whip them with a roller to create air bubbles. Roll out thinly and cut into strips. Cut each strap in the middle and through this measure, place the top and bottom of the angel wings. Fry in deep oil, then sprinkle with, for example, powdered sugar.

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