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Last update : 17 February 2019

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Capital : Warsaw
Language :  Polish
Currency :  Złoty
Population : 38 426 809
Area : 312 679 km2

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Poland facts

1. Independence from Germany and Austro-Hungary was recovered on November 11, 1918.
2. The population density is 123 people / km2.
3. National football is football.
4. The main religion is Roman Catholicism, 93%.
5. The longest river is Wisła, 1,047 km.
6. The full name of the country – the Republic of Poland.
7. Political system – parliamentary democracy.
8. Poland is inhabited by over 38 500 000 people.
9. The highest peak is Rysy, 2,499 m above sea level.
10. There are 908 cities in Poland.

11. 17 Poles have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

12. As many as 90% of people completed the minimum secondary school.

13. Maria Curie Skłodowska, as the only person awarded the Nobel Prize in two different fields of sciences.

14. Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to discover that the Earth is not the center of the universe.

15. Jan Heweliusz was the first to publish accurate maps of the moon.

16. The Woodstock stop is the largest open festival in Europe.

17. In Poland there are the largest number of farms in Europe.

18. Much marriages are made at a young age.

19. The national symbol of Poland is the white-tailed eagle.

20. The name “Poland” comes from the tribe “Polanie”.

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21. The best strongmen in the world are Poles.

22. Catholicism is so popular that there is even a Catholic television and radio channel here.

23. Stuff is a traditional dish.

24. One of the most outstanding Poles was the Pope – John Paul II.

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25. In the village of Piątek, 33 km from Łódź, there is the exact center of Poland.

26. The oldest tree in Poland and probably in Europe is the yew in Henryków Lubański, which is about 1500 years old.

27. In Tychowo there is the largest stone weighing approximately 200 tons in Poland and 44 meters in diameter.

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28. The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest mountains in Europe.

29. Błędowska Desert is the only natural desert in Europe.

30. The Poles, the first in the world, have developed a way to drink denatured alcohol, pineapple fluid, sulfuric acid and cologne.

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31. Poland buys sand and gravel in South Africa.

32. Poles with laryngeal cancer invented a way of smoking cigarettes through a tube in the trachea.

33. In Wrocław, until 1998, the illegal production of $100 banknotes operated. American experts after their analysis decided that they are better done than the original ones.

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34. Tomasz S. driving a car caused an accident. After testing, the result was 14.8 per mille of alcohol in the body (3.5 promila is a lethal dose).

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35. Poles are specialists in the illegal dismantling of railway rails and live traction. As the events of the last few years have shown, disassembly of even several hundred meters within a few hours at night does not turn out to be a problem for them. Before us are only Russians, who in one night are able to hone the 300-ton steel bridge.

Autor: mess

36. About 35 million bricks were used to build the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Autor: Patrycja

37. According to foreign services, it is typically Polish to drink beer with juice through a straw, and in the autumn and winter mulled beers – with cloves and cinnamon.

38. From 1600 to 1945, Poland was occupied or in some other way fought for modest freedom … 43 times. Regardless of what actually and how it was calculated, it is a small number, well illustrating Polish history.

39. The city of Tarnów is the Polish heat pole.

40. The shortest navigable river in Poland is Klonownica, flowing in the vicinity of Augustów. It counts less than 800 m in length. Klonowica together with lakes and the Augustów Canal form excellent waterways used by sailors, canoeists and anglers.

41. Miniusia, because it is called the oldest dog living in Poland, is 28 years old. The bitch was born on January 16, 1985. He is enjoying quite a good condition for his age. Węch and hearing is still very good, only slightly vaguely. He lives with his owner in Poznań.

Autor: MatizZawiercia

42. Position in the best world army list:
      – 2015 year – 17 place,
      – 2018 year – 22 place.

43. Number of soldiers:
      – 2014 year – 120,000 professional and 510,000 reservists, < br>       – 2018 year – 109 650 professional and 75 000 reservists.

44. Number of equipment:
      – 2014 year – 1000 tanks, 3100 armored vehicles, 470 jet aircraft and 260 helicopters,
      – 2018 year – 1065 tanks, 2608 armored vehicles, 463 jet aircraft and 227 helicopters.

45. Expenses for the army:
      – 2014 year – $9,000,000,000 ,
      – 2018 year – $9,360,000,000 .

46. Maritime fleet …
      – in 2014 , the year was around 40 ships, in 2018 the year is about 39 ships.

Autor: Wojak

47. In Suwałki, the largest annual amplitude of the year has been recorded. January 12, 1950 was minus 35.5 degrees C, and July 11, 1947 there were plus 37, which gives a difference of 72.5 degrees.

48. On January 11, 1940, a record low temperature of minus 41 degrees C was recorded in Siedlce.

49. The highest temperature was recorded on July 29, 1921 in Prószków near Opole – 40.2 degrees C.

50. In 2004, the wind blew on Sniezka at a speed of about 300 km / h.

Autor: PolRec

51. On June 5, 1443, in the vicinity of Wrocław, the land shook with strength of about 6 on the Richter scale. During the largest earthquake recorded in Poland, 30 people were killed.

Autor: Tomek

52. The permissible blood alcohol content in a person driving a car is 0.2 promile.

Autor: alfa

53. At the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw there is the second largest clock in Europe, 6 meters in diameter. It is also the 3rd highest clock in the world.

Autor: tiktak

54. In honor of Józef Stalin in 1953-1956, Katowice was called Stalinogród.

55. The bulletproof vest was invented by the Poles – Kazimierz Żegleń and Jan Szczepanik.

Autor: ciekawy

56. In Konstantynów, in 1974, a radio mast was built with a height of 646 meters. He collapsed in 1991. It was the highest construction in the world.

57. There is a wooden radio station in Gliwice, which is 111 meters high. It is the tallest wooden structure in the world.

Autor: Wgórę

58. Szczecin’s Pioner cinema operating since 1909 is the second longest running cinema in the world.

Autor: Fakty

59. From 1973 to 2000, 4,671,585 Fiats 126p were popularly called “toddlers”.

Autor: Fakty

60. In the 7th edition, I have the talent of the youngest participant in the world who is only 3 years old.

Autor: Karolinaaa

61. The thinnest house in the world is located in Warsaw. The widest point is 122 cm and the narrowest is only 72 cm.

62. Izabela Czartoryska in 1801 in Puławy founded the first museum in Poland in which national souvenirs were collected.

63. The old EN57 regional trains, which are full on Polish tracks, were the longest-produced rail vehicles in the world (for 34 years).

Autor: Wiesław

64. The oldest tree in Poland grows in the village of Henryków Lubański in Lower Silesia. Cis Henrykowski from the common species is over 1250 years old.

Autor: Wiesław

65. In Świdnica, there is the largest wooden temple in Europe – the Evangelical-Augsburg church dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

66. Władysław Jagiełło issued a law to protect the round, which was the first law in the world related to nature conservation.

67. He died last year in Poland in 1627.

68. The Polish “mors” Lech Kleszczyński in 1998 entered the Barents Sea in Norway at minus 43 °C.

69. In the castle in Pszczyna there are the largest mirrors in Europe.

70. In Rybnik there are the most roundabouts in Poland. There are over 31 of them.

Autor: Ilona

71. In Poland, in the Obłazowa Cave, the oldest boomerang made of a mammoth blow was found. It is estimated that it is around 23,000 years old.

72. In the 20th century, Poland declared war on Japan, but these did not accept the challenge.

Autor: ŁukasZ

73. Tomasz Jacek Filek invented chess for three in 1992.

Autor: Miks

74. On December 20, 1991, Poland was connected to the global Internet.

Autor: nettt

75. In Wilków Nowowiejski, a board of 130-year-old Douglas fir with a length of 40.8 meters was cut out. It is the longest board in the world.

76. The most indebted Pole is a resident of Mazovia, whose debt amounts to 102 000 000 zł.

77. In the Treaty of Riga ending the Polish-Bolshevik war, the Russians were to pay Poland compensation of 23 tons of pure gold. Unfortunately, the promises were over.

Autor: Zibi

78. In 1920-1922, 765 orphaned children of Polish exiles were transported from Siberia to Japan, and then they were transported to Poland. All thanks to the action of the Japanese Red Cross, which for the first time helped a foreign state.

79. Józef Piłsudzki was financially supported by Japanese intelligence

Autor: Żaneta

80. Black Hawk helicopters are produced at Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec.

81. During World War II, over 16% of Polish citizens were killed.

82. In the castle in Kwidzyn there is the most powerful latrine in the world.

83. Maria Curie Skłodowska was the first man who died due to radiation.

84. 80% of the world’s amber resources come from the Tri-City.

85. In 1942, the Germans issued an order to kill all racing pigeons in Poland.

Autor: Renata

86. In the village of Raczki Elbląskie, near Elbląg, there is the lowest point of Poland (1.8 m.p.p.).

87. The city of Świnoujście is located on 44 islands.

Autor: Unika

88. The Bialowieza Forest is the oldest forest in Europe.

89. In Latin, the text of the Gniezno Bull from 1136 was woven into 410 personal names and towns in Polish, making it the oldest surviving monument of our native language.

90. In Poznań, the youngest castle in Europe was built in 1910.

Autor: Unika

91. Poles were the first in the world to win the following eight-thousanders in the winter: Mount Everest, Kanchendzoga, Lhotse, Czo Oju, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Annapurna, Gaszerbrum, Broad Peak and Shishapangma.

92. The Poles were the first in the world to receive all 14 eight-thousanders.

Autor: NaSzczyt

93. Tadeusz Morawski created the longest palindrome in the world (a text that can be read from the back). It consists of 33,000 words.

Autor: Martynka91

94. Pola Negri is the only Polish actress who has permanently enrolled in the history of world cinema.

Autor: Martynka91

95. The first penny was minted in 1367.

96. The 5 zloty coin was recognized in 1996 as the most technologically advanced circulation coin in the world.

Autor: Monety

97. In the Sudetes there are 15 extinct volcanoes whose last activity took place 20 million years ago.

Autor: Ireneusz

98. Heniek Wojciechowski known under the name Earl Weiss was the only gangster whom Al Capone feared.

Autor: Michał

99. The Malbork Castle is the largest Gothic castle in the world. It was built with about 4.5 million bricks.

100. The symbol of the swastika before the outbreak of the Second World War was on many different Polish badges.

Autor: Oczko

101. Astrophysicist Aleksander Wolszczan (born April 29, 1946) in 1990 discovered the first planet from outside our Solar System.

Autor: Oczko

102. In the northern part of Poznań, Morasko is the largest crater in Poland with a diameter of 60 meters.

103. The first inscription under the cap of Tymbark was “ears up”.

Autor: Izuś

104. During the First World War, Kalisz was the most damaged. About 95% of the city was shot and burned.

105. Only two people live in Lower Silesia in Luboszów.

106. The rock salt extracted in Kłodawa is over 250 million years old.

Autor: ciekawostki

107. Through the city of Kolbuszowa in the province The Nile river flows in Podkarpackie.

108. There are 3090 streets in Poland called “Polna”.

109. The cartoon characters Asterix and Lucky Luke were invented by a Pole born in Paris – Rene Goscinny.

110. Elbląg has the largest outdoor swimming pool in Europe, 340 meters long and 80-125 meters wide, which gives an area of ​​33,500 m2.

Autor: PL

111. In this country, over 25 666 000 (2015) 29 757 099 (2018) people have access to internet (about 77% of the population).

Autor: net

112. Poland was the only country that managed to get Moscow. The Kremlin was occupied for two years, from 1610.

Autor: Beeelili

113. The highest mountain in Poland in its entirety is Kozi Wierch, rising 2,291 m above sea level.

114. Poland is the largest producer of apples in Europe.

115. In the church of Saint. The pulsar clock – the most accurate clock in the world – has been installed in St. Catherine’s Church in Gdansk. It is 10 times more accurate than the atomic clock.

Autor: Majka

116. In Estonian, the word “tusk” means worry.

Autor: Wiktoria

117. The Gdańsk Przymorze estate is a 10-storey residential tower, which is 860 meters long.

Autor: BasiaGD

118. In 2010, the Mint of Poland minted 8,000 pieces of occasional one-dollar coins with the image of Bear Uszatek, commissioned by Niue Island in New Zealand.

Autor: Monety

119. Belvedere vodka is considered the most luxurious vodka in the world. For a 0.7 liter bottle, you need to pay about 130 zł.

120. Mirosław Hermaszewski is the only Polish astronaut. In 1978 he participated in a flight that lasted over 190 hours.

Autor: Natalia

121. It was not until 1952 in the Constitution of the Polish People’s Republic that Warsaw was the capital of Poland.

122. In the Wielkopolskie voivodship there is a place called the End of the World. One person lives in it.

Autor: Natalia

Zgłoszony błąd: Oficjalnie nie ma takiej miejscowości (sprawdzone na stronach rządowych i w zamieszczonym tam dokumencie: “Wykaz urzędowych nazw miejscowości i ich części 2015”). Konkretnie w miejscowości Głuszyna w Gminie Kraszewice znajduje się znak miejscowości E-17a o treści “Koniec Świata”.

Autor: Paweł2

123. The most popular “language break” is: King Charles bought coral beads from Queen Caroline.

Autor: Poplątany Język

124. In the village of Tumidaj in the Łódź Voivodeship there is a tavern where Napoleon met with Mrs. Walewska.

Autor: Ada

125. There are about 1 400 km of highways in Poland.

Autor: Speed

126. In the 1960s, Poland was the largest producer of two-wheelers in the world.

Autor: Martyna

127. In Gdańsk there is the world’s largest brick church. St. Mary’s Basilica has an area of ​​5,000m2, and the highest tower rises to 82 meters.

Autor: naj

128. One of the rocks in the Krakow-Częstochowa Upland is called “Elephant’s Dupa”.

129. In the former German concentration camp Plaszow in Krakow, there is an elevation called Hujowa Górka.

Autor: Sylwia

130. Warsaw and Lviv as the only cities were honored with the Virtuti Militari order.

Autor: Regina

131. Among 140 figures of saints, placed around St. Peter is the sculpture of a Pole – Saint. Jacek Odrowąż.

Autor: Elip

132. In the years 1079 – 1138, the capital of Poland was Płock, and from 1290 to 1296 – Poznań.

133. In Kujawy, 7500 years ago, cheese was reminiscent of Italian mozzarella. It is probably the oldest cheese in the world.

134. In Zory, from January 1, free public transport has been introduced.

135. In 1863, Wroclaw was the second oldest travel agency in the world called – “Stangen”.

136. John Paul II and Lech Wałęsa found themselves on the list of the 100 greatest people of the 20th century according to the weekly “Time”.

Autor: Sandra

137. Under the Main Railway Station in Szczecin is one of the largest environmental shelters in Europe, which is able to accommodate 5,000 people.

138. There are as many as 13 basilicas in Krakow.

139. Szczecin is called “Paris of the North”, because of the starry streets that follow, like those in the French capital.

Autor: Kubuś

140. The film “Krzyżacy” is the most-watched film in the history of Polish cinematography. More than 32 million people have seen it since 1987.

Autor: Lena

141. On August 26, 1992 in the Ruda Raciborska Forest District more than 10,000 people extinguished the largest fire after World War II in Europe. Over 9,000 hectares of forest burned.

Autor: Julita

142. Andrzej Heidrich is a designer of all types of Polish banknotes used in the last 50 years.

Autor: Katarzyna

143. Who is detaining the name of JÓZEFA PIŁSUDSKI is subject to the imprisonment of up to 5 years.

144. Krakow is the third most polluted city in Europe.

145. In the Middle Ages, the beaver was considered a fish in Poland because it spends most of its time in the water and has a “scaly” tail.

Autor: Qna

146. The symbol of the Polish currency PLN means Polish New.

Autor: Anita

147. Poland in 2014 took 6th place in the NEF English Proficient Index ranking, which assesses the level of English proficiency.

Autor: Obrak

148. White-tailed eagle, which is in the emblem of Poland, really belongs to hawks, not eagles.

149. In the years 1918-1945, the Lublin Province was the only one that did not adhere to the state border.

150. In 1934, the port in Gdynia was the most modern in Europe.

Autor: Idusia

151. In the 17th century, Polish was an international language, very popular in Eastern Europe.

Autor: ŁukasZ

152. In Wroclaw, fake hundred-dollar bills were made, better made from the original.

Autor: poznajnieznane

153. In Napaszonski, there is Napoleon’s hair in Witaszyce.

Autor: Dows

154. On 1 January 1995, the zloty denomination was carried out in the ratio of 10,000: 1.

155. The first new denominational banknotes were printed in Great Britain.

Autor: Windows11

156. On average, the Pole consumes 250 liters of water per day.

Autor: Jadzia

157. Jakub Krzemień from Wyszków (mazowieckie province) pulled four rail cars with a total weight of 60 tons at a distance of 7 meters and 97 centimeters and thus set a new world record. A successful test took place at the Railway Museum in Sochaczew on September 14, 2014.

Autor: Aneta

158. The minimum wage is set only for the “contract of employment” and amounts to PLN 1 750 per month gross (data from 2015).

159. In 2018, the average monthly salary in this country is 4 520 PLN.

160. The amount of income tax in Poland is 18%.

161. Women can retire at the age of 60 and 7 months, and men aged 65 and 7 months.

162. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 5.9% .

Autor: Daria

163. 5 Poles have accumulated assets greater than one billion US dollars.

164. The richest of them, Jan Kulczyk (died on July 29, 2015), had assets worth over $4 billion.

Autor: $$$NaBogato$$$

165. There are over 370 stationary radars on the roads.

Autor: Nieborak

166. In Poland, an average person consumes about 12.5 liters of pure alcohol per year.

167. The national alcohol is vodka and mead.

168. The most beer is beer – 55%, then spirit – 36%, and wine – 9%.

Autor: AlkoWorld

169. In this country, compulsory education lasts until the age of 18.

170. The beginning of education begins at the age of 7.

171. The average IQ level is 99.

Autor: EduKacJa

172. In this country there are 0.2% of people above 15 years of age who can not read or write (approximately 76 968 people).

173. In Poland, according to statistics, an average of one person reads 56 minutes a day.

Autor: Reebeka

174. National animals are white-tailed eagle and bison.

175. The national fruit is an apple.

Autor: Kos

176. The change from daylight saving time to winter time (turning clockwise back one hour) is the last Sunday in October.

Autor: Adrianna

177. The national tree is oak.

Autor: Alma

178. The built-up speed limit is 50 km / h.

179. In addition to built-up areas, the permitted speed on the normal road ranges from 90 to 100 km / h, and on highways from 100 to 140 km / h.

180. In 2013, 3,357 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents.

Autor: AutoMania

181. 16% of fatal accidents caused people who were under the influence of alcohol.

182. The country has more than 24,876,000 motor vehicles registered (646 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants).

Autor: AutoMania

183. 0.3% of the population live on less than 3 $a day.

Autor: Durga

184. In this country there are over 423 997 km of paved roads, including more than 1 553 km of expressways (0.66% of all roads in the world).

185. In this country there are 126 airports, 87 with paved surface.

186. In this country there are over 19 428 km of railway tracks.

187. There is a 29 km metro line in Warsaw (27 stations). It was opened in 1995. Approximately 147 million people use it annually.

Autor: Marlène

188. Around 14,000,000 (2015) 14,000,000 (2018) accounts on Facebook.

189. Over 14,000,000 Facebook accounts have been created.

190. The average speed of fixed internet access is 10.6 Mb / s, and the maximum speed is 45.6 Mb / s (data from the end of 2015).

Autor: NET

191. The national top-level domain is .pl . There are over 2 394 910 websites with such an extension.

192. The most popular pages with the extension .pl are: google.pl, allegro.pl and onet.pl.

Autor: http

193. This country has 2018 over year $112 146 000 000 of foreign exchange reserves (0.86% of foreign exchange reserves of all countries of the world).

194. Poland has 102900 kg of gold reserves (2018).

Autor: Vinamra

195. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) …
      – in 2015 the year is $593 758 000 000 ,
      – 2018 is $525,000,000,000 .

196. Internal debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 of the year was 49.1% GDP, or around: $291,535 17,000 ,
      – 2018 of the year was 50.6% GDP, or around: $265, 650,000,000 . To pay it off, each citizen would have to give around $6 903.

197. Foreign debt at the beginning …
      – 2015 the year was around: $354,200,000,000 ,
      – 2018 of the year is around: $392 174,000,000 .

Autor: Komornik

198. 25% of adults living in this country are overweight.

Autor: Łasuch

199. In this country, an average adult smokes 132 cigarettes a month.

Autor: VViki

200. There are currently 7 “skyscrapers” in Warsaw (buildings with a height of over 150 meters).

Autor: BobBudowniczy

201. The lowest temperature: -41 °C was measured in Siedlce.

202. The highest temperature: 40.2 °C was measured in Prószków.

Autor: weather

203. The most deadly disease in this country is heart failure.

Autor: medi

204. The average life expectancy in this country is 75.5 years (women – 79.9 years and men – 71.2 years).

Autor: Wilga

205. On March 12, 1999, Poland joined the political and military organization called NATO.

Autor: Weteran

206. In this country, women can get married at the age of 16, and men aged 18.

207. In this country, women having their first child on average 26.9 years old.

Autor: Nadia

208. 10 women give birth to 13 children on average

Autor: Nadia

209. The average age people living in this country is 39.9 years.

210. In this country there are around:
5 657 000 people (14.7%) in the age range 0-14 years.
26 793 000 people (69.62%) in the age range 15-64 years.
6,034 300 people (15.68%) over 65 years old.

Autor: Sara19

211. In this country, about 375,000 children are born each year (1.0% of the population), and about 392,000 people die (1.0% of the population).

Autor: Sara19

212. The lowest situated place in the country is Raczki Elbląskie – 2 m.p.p.

Autor: Klemens

213. The most-known Polish computer game series is The Witcher – a position belonging to the strict elite of multimedia entertainment.

Autor: Silverbrick

214. The famous film “Matrix” was directed by Poles – the Wachowski brothers.

215. Poland is the largest producer of copper, brown coal and shale gas in Europe.

216. Poland is one of the largest bus manufacturers in the European Union.

217. Poland is the 2nd hard coal producer in Europe and 7 in the world.

218. Poland is the largest wood producer in Europe.

219. Szczecin is called “Paris of the North”.

220. Poland has the longest continuous GDP growth in Europe (a series of years in which annual GDP growth has always been positive) lasting from 1989 to now. In the world ranking, it takes second place (Australia is the first).

221. In Gdansk, there is the second-largest building in Europe – Falowiec.

222. The Malbork Castle is the largest brick building in the world.

223. For the year 2020, the completion of the Varso Tower in Warsaw – the tallest building in Europe is planned.

224. On ul. Golden one in Warsaw, is the tallest residential building in Europe.

225. Poland regained its independence for the second time in 1989, beginning a chain reaction – “Autumn of Nations”, which ended the Cold War and caused the collapse of the USSR.

Autor: Silverbrick

226. The Polish government has decided to build a central port in Gdansk, which will double the number of transshipments in the Tri-City. The investment cost is PLN 9 billion. The port is to be ready in 2028.

227. In Gdansk IV High School, in September 2015, the first uniformed class in Poland with the city guard profile was launched.

228. The Gdansk Crane, is the oldest surviving port crane in Europe.

229. In the game “The Witcher 3” in the city of Novigrad there is a building that is reminiscent of a Gdansk Crane.

230. In Gdańsk Kokoszki, on May 2, 1994, the most tragic road accident in Poland occurred. On the bus during the maneuver the overtaking of the truck broke the tire and hit a tree at high speed, which ripped him in half. There were 75 people on the bus (there were 51 places). 32 people died.

231. On April 17, 1995, a gas explosion occurred in a tower block in Gdańsk at 39 Wojska Polskiego Avenue, after which three floors of the building collapsed. 22 people died.

232. Guldeny and the Gdańsk pfennes were the currency of the Free City of Gdańsk.

Autor: GD

233. In Poznań, people over 70 can go taxi for free three times a month.

234. The first 20 minutes of driving on the Poznań City Bike is free. Interestingly, in 2016 the average bike rental time was 19 minutes 49 seconds.

235. Over 2.5 million people in Poland in 2017 have arrears in repayment of loans and current accounts. Their total value is over PLN 62 billion.

236. 24% of indebted Poles are in the 18-24 age group.

237. The most indebted Pole in 2017 is a 67-year-old resident of Mazovia, with a debt of about PLN 104 000 000.

Autor: Liliana

238. The products of well-known brands are inferior in quality to those sold in Western Europe.

Autor: Co jemy

239. The most popular name is Kowalski and Nowak.

Autor: Kaczuszka

240. The Polish flag was similar to the current flag of Austria during the existence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Autor: Setar

241. The percentage share in the global Polish economy in 2015 is 0.74% (for comparison, the share of the United States is 23.32%).

Autor: Setar

242. After the plane crash of the presidential plane on 10 April 2010, mourning was declared in 23 countries around the world. The longest outside Poland in Brazil (3 days) and Lithuania (4 days).

Autor: Liliana

243. The salt mine in Kłodawa has the deepest underground tourist route in the world, 600 meters underground.

Autor: Luiza

244. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, Szczecin was considered an unconquerable fortress in Europe.

Autor: Luiza

245. Kazimierz Funk born in Poland discovered the first vitamin – B1. He is the creator of science about vitamins.

Autor: Grand

246. Poczta Polska employs over 90,000 employees.

247. PKN Orlen with over PLN 100 billion in revenue is the largest company in Poland.

Autor: Królik

248. Two-year-old Adaś, in the night of November 29-30, left in the pajamas of the house where he spent over 5 hours at a temperature of -10 degrees. Despite the fact that his body temperature dropped to 12.7 degrees Celsius, doctors managed to save him. It was the first case in the world when a person whose temperature dropped below 13 degrees was saved.

Autor: złotowłosa

249. The most well-known Polish service station is Orlen.

250. Due to the very low impact of agriculture in the economy (3%), Poland is among economically highly developed countries.

251. 80% of televisions and monitors from Europe are produced in Poland.

Autor: Kamill500 

252. In 2015, Poland and Croatia established a new union – Trójmorze.

253. In 2017, the first ever cinematography in the history of cinema was created – “Your Vincent”.

254. During the Second World War, Poland had the strongest resistance movement.

255. Race traits of Poles include: sharpened eyesight, increased efficiency of ethylene etching, strings adapted to the Polish language (physiological) and increased instinct for self-defense and possession (psychological).

256. There are about 140 exorcists in Poland. This profession even has its own magazine.

257. The pit behind the Bełchatów power plant, is called “the largest artificial hole in the earth, in Europe”. Currently, it is planned to fill it with water and create a resort.

258. The commune, which has the highest GDP per capita in the country, is Kleszczów near the Bełchatów power plant and the brown coal mine.

259. During the Cold War period in Krakow, a district was created – Nowa Huta, whose construction was supposed to “show the power of communism”, which then dominated in Poland under the influence of the Soviet army. The capitalist equivalent of Nowa Huta is Miasteczko Wilanów (commune of Warsaw) and Nowodwory (the area of ​​the municipal information system of the Warsaw commune Białołęka).

260. According to surveys from the years 2014-2015, Mazovia is a larger economy than the whole of Slovakia, Świętokrzyskie bigger than Iceland, Gdańsk Pomerania bigger than Ethiopia, Podlasie bigger than Romania, Podkarpacie bigger than Afghanistan, Lodz bigger than Latvia, Kujawsko-Pomorskie bigger than Estonia, Earth Lubuska bigger than Macedonia, Opolskie bigger than Malta, Upper Silesia bigger than Bulgaria, Lower Silesia bigger than Kenya.

261. Polish volunteers take part in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

262. The only active sulfur mine in the world operates in Poland.

263. Poland is one of the three countries in Europe that has avoided ISIS attacks, which is why it is called the “Bastion of Europe” in the fight against Islamic State.

264. Poland has an Internet faster than in Italy, Ireland and France. Over the latter, it also has the advantage of the number of telephone subscriptions and students at universities.

265. Poland as a country existing today is called III Rzeczpospolita. The Second Polish Republic existed during the interwar period, and the first as an effect of the union with Lithuania in modern times. In addition, over the centuries, it existed in other forms (the Polish Duchy) in a divided form (district division, tribes-state before the unification of Polish tribes by the Polans) and as an autonomous area due to the loss of sovereignty (Kingdom of Poland, Polish People’s Republic).

266. Poland has the largest mineral water reserves in Europe.

267. Tarchomin and Nowodwory are called the “hatchery of Warsaw” due to the large number of residents from the pre-production group.

Autor: Silverbrick 

268. Currently, 23 new skyscrapers are being built in Warsaw, 10 in Katowice, 3 in Łódź, 6 in Wrocław, 4 in Poznań, 12 in Gdańsk, 1 in Gdynia, 2 in Międzyzdroje, 3 in Reda, 3 in Bydgoszcz, 1 in Szczecin, 1 in Olsztyn, 12 in Rzeszów, 1 in Krakow.

269. According to Wikipedia, there are about 50 skyscrapers (skyscrapers) in Warsaw, 17 in Krakow, 42 in Łódź, 55 in Poznań, 21 in Wrocław, 25 in Gdańsk, 6 in Gdynia, 37 in Katowice, 3 in Szczecin, 3 in Rzeszów, 2 in Bydgoszcz, and one in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Białystok and Sosnowiec.

Autor: Silverbrick 

270. Every year, millions of Poles sit at Christmas in front of TV sets to watch the movie “Kevin alone at home”. They can not imagine Christmas without him.

Autor: Sasdres

271. Poles are said to have the “strongest head” to drink alcohol right after the Russians.

272. The most popular names are Nowak and Kowalski

Autor: Sasdres

273. There are 147790 sq km of agricultural land in Poland (47% of the country).

274. 13 people out of 1000 possess firearms.

275. In this country, women have the right to vote since 1918.

276. In this country, the formalities related to the establishment of the company last 31 days.

277. The country joined the UN on October 24, 1945.

278. The work week is 40 hours.

279. 62% of the country’s population lives in urban areas.

280. 92452 km2 of the country is covered by forests (29.6%)

281. The last death penalty was made in 1988.

Autor: Statyk

282. Polish Hussars is considered by the most experts and historians to be the best bachelor of the world.

283. The Polish hussar saber by many specialists is considered the most perfect white weapon in history.

Autor: Siatonus

284. In Jaworzno is the only triangular market in Poland.

285. One of the largest church stained glass windows is the church of St. Wojciech in Jaworzno.

Autor: MarGal

285. They are larger in PL – Rypin – here the stained glass has 212m2, and in Jaworzno 177 m2. Rypin’s stained glass is the largest in Europe and the second in the world!

Autor: Maciek

286. In Jaworzno is one of the highest chimneys in Europe, located in the Jaworzno Power Plant.

Autor: MarGal

287. In Chełm, there is a historic chalk underground that is a unique remnant of chalk mining in Europe. Corridors reach the length of several dozen kilometers long.

Autor: Endru

288. In this country, the amount of income tax for natural persons is 32%, and for companies 19% (2018).

289. The tax on goods and services is 23% (2018).

290. The level of inflation in 2018 is 2%.

Autor: Fan%

291. In Poland, in 2018, Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk have the largest assets – 3,800,000,000 dollars.

Autor: $$$NaBogato$$$

292. The Court of Justice of the European Union has forbidden to immediately cut down the Białowieża Forest. For each day of breaking the ban will be a penalty of 100,000 euros.

Autor: Bartek

What is the highest peak in Poland?
The highest peak in Poland is Rysy (2499 m above sea level).

answer: Marta

What is the largest river in Poland?
The largest river in Poland is Wisła, 1,047 km.

answer: Marta

What is the largest lake in Poland?
Śniardwy is the largest lake (11,340.4 ha).

answer: Marta

What is the national dish?
The national dish is bigos.

answer: Marta

Which Poland has national colors?
National colors: white and red.

answer: Marta

What is national alcohol?
The national alcohol is vodka and mead.

answer: Marta

What is the national animal?
National animals are white-tailed eagle and bison.

answer: Marta

What is the national sport?
National football is football.

answer: Marta

Which countries borders Poland?
Poland borders on such countries as: Belarus 605 km, Czech Republic 615 km, Germany 456 km, Lithuania 91 km, Russia 432 km, Slovakia 420 km, Ukraine 428 km.

answer: Marta

What is the average age of people living in this country?
The average age of people living in this country is 39.9 years.

answer: Marta

What is the population density in Poland?
The population density is 123 people per km2.

answer: Marta

What is the motto of this country?
Motto of the country – “God, Honor, Homeland”.

answer: Marta

What is the highest temperature recorded in this country?
The highest temperature: 40.2 ° C was measured in Prószków.

answer: Marta

What is the lowest temperature recorded in this country?
The lowest temperature: -41 ° C was measured in Siedlce.

answer: Marta

With how many years can you legally buy alcohol?
In this country, alcohol can be bought at the age of 18.

answer: Marta