Soccer is the most popular team game in the world.

The main organization is the International Football Federation (FIFA).

How many players can be on the field at the same time?

Each team can field 11 players (10 players in the “field” + goalkeeper).

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What are the dimensions of the gate?

Length: 7.32 m, height: 2.44 m.

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What is the minimum number of players needed to play a match?

Each team must have a minimum of 7 players on the field. When the players of one of the clubs receive 5 red cards, the match ends with a forfeit for them.

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Is wearing shin guards mandatory?

The pads are part of the football outfit, without which the player will not be allowed to play. A footballer’s legs are exposed to serious injuries, so it is worth using this type of protection even in amateur games.

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The goalkeeper must wear gloves?

No, but it’s hard to find a goalkeeper who doesn’t use them. They make the game much easier.

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Can women and men play in the same team?

It is not possible. There are separate competitions for men and women.

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What circumference, weight and pressure must the ball have to be allowed to play?

The allowed circumference of the ball is 68-70 cm, weight from 410 to 450 grams and pressure from 0.6 to 1.1 atmospheres.

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What are the acceptable dimensions of the pitch?

The playing field may be from 90 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 meters wide. The playing field may not be square.

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Why, looking at the dimensions of, for example, goals, the posts are not 7 m apart, but 7.32 m apart?

All dimensions for soccer are in feet. The distance between the posts is 24 ft (imperial feet), which is 7.32 meters when converted to meters.

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Why is there no offside during the throw-in?

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Which player has scored the most goals in history?

Pele is considered the greatest goal hunter. It is reported that he scored 1281 goals in 1362 matches. However, these data are difficult to verify. Seven players in history have exceeded 700 goals.

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Football interesting facts

1. Over 200 B.C. in China, a game called “Cujo” (“kick the ball”) was popular, which is reminiscent of today’s soccer game. It is estimated that its origins date back to 5000 BC.

2. Women played the ancient version of football as early as 20 BCE. The game was called Tsu Chu.

3. Football matches are played in over 200 countries around the world.

4. The first official international football game was played on November 30, 1872 at the Hamilton Crescent pitch in Glasgow. Scotland drew 0-0 with England. 4,000 spectators watched the match.

5. The world’s first football league was established in England. Matches have been played since 1888.

6. Until 1969, bouncers used leather gloves mainly to protect against the cold. It was not well received. People using gloves were called “mollusks”, to put it mildly.

7. A professional football player (except the goalkeeper) runs an average of 10 km per game.

8. Arthur Wharton was the first black professional soccer player. He played on English fields in the years 1885-1902 as a goalkeeper and winger.

9. It is estimated that there are over 4 billion soccer fans worldwide.

10. Most balls are produced in Pakistan, India (hand-stitched) and China (machine-stitched).

11. North Korea has the largest stadium in the world today – Rungrado May Day, which can seat 150,000 spectators.

12. The largest stadium in history was Maracana in Brazil. Over 200,000 people watched the most important matches live. Currently, after the reconstruction, this stadium can accommodate 77,000 spectators.

13. In the EURO 2004 England – Portugal match, Portugal’s goalkeeper – Ricardo, defended without gloves in a series of penalty shots.

14. The fastest goal was scored in 2011 in the Mitos Nowoczerkask – Olimpia Gelendzhik match. Mikhail Osinov defeated the goalkeeper in just 2 seconds of the match.

15. In 2002, one of the strangest matches in history took place in Madagascar. AS Adema’s side won 149 to 0 against SOE Antananarivo. Interestingly, all goals were self-defeating. It was a protest against the judge’s decision.

16. Italian club Perugia cut off contact with Korean player Ahn Jung-hwan after scoring Italy at the World Cup in 2002.

17. At the first World Cup in 1930, one of the goals in the final match was scored by a one-armed player – Hektor Castro.

18. Famous singer Julio Iglesias was the goalkeeper of the youth team of Real Madrid. He was forced to give up his football career after a car accident (September 22, 1963).

19. At the World Cup in 1974, Dutch goalkeeper Jan Jongbloed played with number 8. The numbers on the shirts were assigned alphabetically.

20. In 1964, over 300 people were killed during a match between Peru and Argentina. The reason was the outbreak of panic caused by the intervention of law enforcement.

21. In 1992, Finnish Archbishop John Vikstrom broke Vladimir Putin’s collarbone during a match between the St. Petersburg City Hall and the Turku City Office in Finland.

22. After Brazil lost the 1950 World Cup final, two devastated fans tried to commit suicide by jumping from the stand of Maracana Stadium.

23. The Xhaka brothers play for two different national teams, Grant in Switzerland and Taulant in Albania. Interestingly, their cousin Agon is trying to play for the Kosovo national team.

24. In 2011, an unusual situation occurred in the Copa America tournament. Paraguay made it to the final without winning any game in regular time.

25. In March 2020, Ronaldinho was arrested for using a false passport. While in prison, he took part in the tournament, the main prize of which was 16 kg of pigs. In the final match, his team won 11 to 2.

26. When Pele and Garrincha played together in the national team, Brazil did not lose a match. She had 29 wins and 3 draws.

27. Paolo Dybala has Polish citizenship.

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